Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The One-Upper, The Corrector, and others

I hate One-Uppers. You know these people and probably can name one right now. These are the people that no matter what you have going on in your life, they have it better, bigger, richer or alternatively they could have it worse, smaller, poorer depending on what situation you are in. For example: I have a headache. The one-upper would chime in that you don't even know a headache until you experience the migraines that they get. Or they may insist that they actually have a brain tumor.

The other person I hate is The Corrector. This is the person that no matter what you say they begin their response with, "Well, not exactly. It's more like this..." Equally frustrating. For example: The sky is blue. The Corrector will respond, "Well, not exactly. I would call it more of a peuce." To that I respond, Screw you.

Joe and I regularly encounter the "Can't get a clue guy". This guy is someone that has no idea that you can't stand him. Somehow after months of avoiding his calls, making vague answers to repeated interrogations about our schedules, and pretty much avoiding him at all costs, still has no idea that we don't want to see him. He comes right up to us and start trying to make plans, "What about tomorrow, are you busy tomorrow, what about the next day, oh, well how about three weeks from Thursday?" Unfortunately since Joe is so nice, and I only have two modes of operation- nice and complete bitch, we avoid telling him the truth. How would the truth even go? Listen, I am sure you are completely wonderful human being, we just don't care and hate you anyways. That wouldn't go over good.

Before you think that we are completely awful people, let me tell you a few things about "Can't get a clue guy". He talks non-stop about cheating on his wife. Not to me of course, but to Joe. He tries to get Joe to check out other women. So that is why we avoid him.

The final person I will rant about is the "I want to talk person". This person finds an unsuspecting victim and then ignores all social clues that that person is not interested in talking and opens up full force. For example: I am sitting down studying when someone approaches. "What are you doing?" the ask.

"Studying." Brief one word answer, highlighter in hand, obviously I can't be bothered.

"Wow, I don't know how you do it. Studying is really hard. Back when I was in school I had a hard time focusing, I just wanted to talk with my friends, and boys...boys were a huge preoccupation. I guess that is how I ended up pregnant and unmarried. As soon as that pee stick had a plus sign, he was long gone..."

"Ummhmmm". Trying not to engage. Avoiding all eye contact. But to no avail, she continues...

"After the 4th fatherless child was born, I decided it was time to nip this thing in the bud. I had all my girly parts ripped out...yup nothing in there anymore.."

"Wow that is wonderful. I gotta get going." Now gathering all my items into my bag.

"Really so soon, we were having such a good time talking."

Seriously, how can you been that oblivious? Didn't she see all the evasive maneuvers I was using? Didn't she see my eyes glaze over as I wished for death? What is wrong with people?

Oh, I found this funny video on youtube while finding the other one. It is totally unrelated, but funny.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Signs you are watching too much Friends...

For our 7 year anniversary in October, Joe got me the entire series of Friends. I have been watching it pretty much nonstop since then. This morning I realized when I dressed Jordy up ina sweater vest that he looked like Chandler...

Can't you just hear Jordy saying, "Can I be any more of a dork?"

He kept pulling at it trying to tear it off.

Finally he embraced his inner Chandler...

Ahhh Crap!!!

I just realized I was supposed to go to this military training yesterday. I completely forgot. Working Nights completely sucks, I can't keep track of time and lose days at a time.

Hopefully I won't get in trouble...

Stupid Things I have done...

As I was sitting here reading through other people's blogs and eating grapes, I remembered something really dumb I did that almost killed me.

It was when I was on a rotation in Ohio. I was in my hotel room alone eating grapes and watching tv. When I eat grapes I like to cram a ton into my mouth and mash them all up and eat them. Well you can probably see where this is going, I nearly choked to death.

I crammed probably close to 10 grapes in my mouth, felt on slide down my throat and get stuck, then couldn't breath. I jumped up, adrenaline flowing, ran into the chair at the desk, thrusting my abdomen at it like I had seen on tv once. After what seemed like a lifetime I was in so much pain from ramming the chair into myself, and feeling lightheaded from the lack of oxygen, finally it came out- along with all my stomach contents.

Disgusting. How stupid can I be?

But as I recollect on my near death experience, I am cramming grapes in my mouth again...

Winter Wonderland, just stop already!!

I am so sick of living in the cold! The last few days we had a huge snow storm. The base was actually shut down and only emergency vehicles were allowed to drive. Because of that I wasn't able to get home after work on Saturday morning- and had to stay on base. I got about 3 hours of sleep Saturday, had no shower, no food, then returned to work Saturday night exhausted.

Thank goodness we were completely slow. We spent most of the night watching Lipstick Jungle that one of the techs had downloaded on her computer. I was able to sleep a little- not enough though.

Joe came and picked me up Sunday morning b/c the roads were too awful to brave in my tiny car. I came home and slept for almost 24 hours. Jordy was pretty excited to see me! It made me feel great!

Joe taught him to blow kisses! So adorable.

Only two more nights to work till I am back on days! HOORAY!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This is getting painful!

Update on 101 in 1001:
So far I haven't bought anything for myself for the entire month of January. This does exclude food of course.

My real weakness is online shopping. Right now I am dying b/c there are all kinds of sales that I can't get in on!

There are clearance sales at Victoria Secret that are just killing me. They have this gorgeous convertible dress on sale:

I have been looking at this dress forever. It is so pretty and versatile (you can wear it 7 different ways!). Now don't think I am delusional, because I do recognize that I will not look as fabulous as this model in it. But gosh darn it- I will feel good in it! And remember I got this flab by making a person! Remember that will ya!

Since not buying stuff for myself has been one of my goals, I am doing pretty good. Joe has even cut down on spending this month. I think that for the first time we will come really close to meeting the monthly budget. Shocking I know...I almost heard Katie fall over from amazement and wonder! Seriously though, Katie is the woman! She got us all turned around! It is such a good feeling knowing that our money is being used appropriately and we are just blowing every month.

So for now, no pretty dresses, no strappy sandals, no designer bags for me. I am saving all my money for a new house in Florida. Of course once we get there I will be wearing rags, dirty and stinky from not having showered (read previous Post).

Not buying anything for two months (only a few weeks in) and I have already learned how little we need to survive. As long as we have food, shelter, and eachother, nothing else matters. Although things are much nicer if we have a good tv, DVD player, a Wii, Playstation 3, and a lightening fast internet connection. Oh and an good heater and water heater. Boy do I miss the states!

"Cold is when your shampoo freezes"

Joe's Stepdad, Reese, always says "You don't know cold until your shampoo freezes". And up until very recently I didn't know that kind of cold...sadly I do now.

In Korea they don't have heaters like we think of heaters. There is no such thing as forced air. Our heater is actually under the floor. It takes at least three days for the house to warm up, and heaven forbid that you overheat it b/c then you will be roasting the next three days while it cools down.

In the bathrooms the floor isn't heated. To make matters worse, the drains do not have J-pipes in them. I didn't give a rat's ass what this meant until someone explained that this means there is no water seal locking in heat and keeping out mosquitos (as we experienced in the summer). Long story short- our bathrooms are freezing!!

I have an embarassing confession- I have only been showering about once per week! Before you judge me would you want to? As soon as I open the door to the bathroom, cold air smacks me in the face. The tile in there is so ice cold I have to walk on towels otherwise my feet my freeze to the floor. Then it takes at least 5 minutes for the hot water to kick in, then for 30 seconds it is showering bliss with warm water. Then the water turns back to ice. Meanwhile while I am dodging icicles being shot at me from the shower head, I try to squeeze out some shampoo only to realize that the shampoo is frozen. It is seriously like a slushee!

I did my best to wash up, but seriously I was so frozen I didn't care. I jumped out and vowed to never go back. So what if I am known as the stinky doctor at work- maybe less people will come in on my shift!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4am and I'm up...

I couldn't sleep. I don't really know why, but after about three hours of sleep- pop- my eyes were wide open and I couldn't go back to sleep.

I read a really funny blog this morning about Obama's Inauguration. It is hilarious!

All joking aside, today is an exciting day. Today the first African American President will take the reins of the most powerful nation on earth. Today our nation is taking a giant step forward in Civil Rights. Obama has proven that it does not matter the color of your skin, you can do anything with hard work and perseverance.

I only wish that my paternal grandfather were alive to see this day. The day that a black man was sworn in as the President of the United States. Yes what joy I would have in watching my hateful racist bastard of a grandfather clutch is heart in shock, then keel over and die. Oh what a day it would have been. But unfortunately he died just one year ago, missed the whole event. What a shame.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This is Jordy visiting me at work. He loves to run around the ER. For a while he was yelling out what sounded like orders while standing in the trauma bay. I like to imagine he is practicing for when he is a doctor. Although I am not really sure if I would recommend to him to be a doctor. As long as he is as happy as he is in this picture- I don't care what he does!


Is there such a thing as PPS? Parent Protection Services?

If there is, I need to place a serious phone call. Our little angel, Jordykins, constantly beats us up!

He comes over with a sweet little grin, all ready to play, then flog us repeatedly with one of his toys. The worst one I have received was with a Simpson Toy. I didn't see it coming when Ralph sped towards my head doing at least 100mph. He made contact just above my left eye brow. Now this was about 5 weeks ago, and my head is still sore in that spot.

My personal favorite, however, is being peacefully asleep and being woken up by a television remote smashing into my skull repeatedly. Nothing gets the juices flowing in the morning like a good concussion.

Joe has many more tales to tell. My personal favorite is the nose story. Joe was asleep when Jordy thought the best way to wake him up would be to stick his little fingers into Joe's nose. Once as deep in there as he could manage, he rakes his finger nails down the side. Joe woke up to blinding pain and a nose bleed. Oh what fun and merriment ensued.

We have tried to teach Jordan to be nice, to be gentle, but nothing seems to be sinking in. Joe used to get annoyed with the dogs, but now remembers that Pezzy got the concept of "nice" in one afternoon. Poor Jordy still hasn't caught on... Any advice for two battered parents?

Who is the military stylist?

Me in my Chem Suit- As you can see Jordy
is so happy to be seen with me in it!

During the exercise I have to wear tons of clothes. I wear my regular work uniform (the camouflage get-up), then over that a really thick pair of pants and a jacket. Then a FLACC vest, which has metal plates in it incase I get shot (usually those aren't in though, b/c if they are in I can hardly move). Instead of the regular helmet I wear a kevlar helmet that is also really heavy. It seriously takes me at least 15min to get dressed an undressed.

This stylish outfit also comes with several fashionable accessories. The reflective belt, which can be seen blinding you in this picture, is a must for every on the go woman. In addition rather than a regular belt buckle, why not use this gigantic pouch which snaps right on to your flacc vest. Every woman must have a sexy pair of shoes, well this outfit has two! Not only do you get to wear a sexy pair of combat boots, but how about wearing a gigantic pair of rubber boots over those! Oh the sex appeal of this outfit is outrageous!

Here we have the male version of this outfit, modeled by Trent. Here you can see the gas mask on his left hip and enormous back pack. Does it get any cooler than this?!

Seriously though, over the last few days at work we did have some fun. Despite the exercise we had some good times-

Here is Travis demonstrating how these seemingly normal paper bags can decontaminate you should you become chemically contaminated.

Here is Eric and I. Incase there is any confusion (as there was that day), I am the Real World Doctor of the Day & Eric is the Exercise Doc. Apparently Eric being all suited up did not make it obviously apparent that he was the Exercise guy.
Here is Eric, showing real passion and enthusiasm over an exercise patient.

In our downtime we did some mock-codes. I did my best to bring
this dummy back to life. No luck :(

This last picture is the only one of a "real" patient. This poor guy was walking back to his room and slipped on a patch of ice, fell backwards, and cracked his head open on the pavement. We stapled him back together again.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So tired....

I have worked 6 out of the last 7 days. 72 hours. Nights. Please just kill me.

This has been a hell of a week. The exercise is in full swing. I am wearing almost every article of clothing the military has ever given me. It takes me about 10 minutes to get dressed, and that is just putting on clothes!

Earlier in the week while I was sleeping Joe came into the bedroom whispering saying there were two women out in the living room praying.

It thought I had misunderstood him, but he reiterated and assured me they were there and now he couldn't get rid of them. Apparently they had buzzed on the outside door and wanted into the building. Joe went out and let them in b/c it was snowing, and then they followed him in to our living room, kneeled on the floor and started praying.

I got up and went out to the living room and told them women that there was a misunderstanding and they would have to leave immediately. They knodded and looked like they were leaving.

I got back in bed, Joe didn't come back to the bedroom so I called answer. I listened really close and damn it, those women were going on and on about an earth mother, earth father, heavenly mother, heavenly father...

I jumped out of bed, pissed. In the living room there was Joe, the women reading out of the Bible, and Jordy (who was having a great time!).

"You have to leave." I explained. No one budged. Am I invisible I wonder?

"In heaven there is a heavenly mother..." The lady babbled on, oblivious that I was even there.

Joe is starting to get that worried look on his eye. This is the look that he gets whenever he knows I am about to entirely lose my shit and he is going to be really embarassed.

"I don't think you heard me," I said a bit louder. Nothing. "You need to leave. I work nights and have to sleep. You are making too much noise." The lady kept reading her bible. Joe is panicking. The other woman with the reading lady is looking like a deer in headlights. The situation is growing tense. Jordy is smiling and laughing, clapping his hands- yes storytime brings out the best in him.

Finally I lost it...I clapped my hands together loudly, "Let's move it people!" I screamed. I grabbed the Bible readers arm and steered her towards the door. Surprising she hardly budged. "YOU NEED TO LEAVE" (before I kick your ass, I wanted to add). She smiled a sarcastic smile and said okay. I slammed her Bible shut, shoved it at her, and escorted her to the door, with her little friend.

Finally they were outside, she turned and tried to say something else to me. I slammed the door and deadbolted it.

What the hell was that all about?? Does she really think that by staging her own sit in she will save souls? The only thing she accomplished her was a good lesson for all of us not to let strangers into our homes. At one point I actually thought I would have enjoyed being robbed more.

Be careful...they are out there...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Scrapbook Layout

This is a layout from a trip we took to Seoul. The trip was with ITT (the base travel agent). They schedule all kinds of tours and trips. Honestly the trip wasn't all that fun. Joe was pretty exhausted, Jordy was too. Eric and Robert also went along on the trip (two other docs from the ER) and they both slept almost the entire time on the bus.

This was the first time I saw street vendors selling the silk worm larvae though, and that is one memory that I will never forget...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Incase you didn't know...

I am a scrapbooking addict.

This is the page from Residency Graduation from the Air Force.

The other side of this layout is one of those pocket pages. It is easier than making an entire layout b/c you don't really have to crop the pictures, but the page still loos pretty nice. Plus, I used my stamps. I usually have a hard time coming up with uses for my stamps!

My favorite part of the layout is all my classmates having their names labeled.

Is this ever going to end?

I have an awful confession to make....Jordy still sleeps with us most of the time...a lot of the time....okay damn it! If I am coming clean I will just do it! Jordan ends up sleeping in our bed ALL THE TIME!

When he was about 4 months old, I started back on the inpatient service at the hospital and couldn't deal with him waking up every two hours to nurse. I was exhausted! There was no way that I could wake up every two hours and feed him, then get up at 5AM to go round at the hospital, then work until 6PM come home and do it all again. I was sooooo tired.

Joe and I agreed then that we would make him start sleeping in his own bed. For one terrible night we listened to him scream bloody murder for about 4 hours. It was awful. We eventually went downstairs and huddled together around the baby monitor. I cried, Joe cried. We felt just awful. But in the morning Jordy still liked us! He was fine all the next day. The next night we did it again, only when we put him in bed, he rolled over and went right to sleep.

Things were glorious for about two months. Jordy was sleeping like a champ in his own bed, and Joe and I were well rested normal humans again.

Then we decided to go to California to visit family. This one week of vacation permanently destroyed Jordy's sleeping schedule. The time change was hard, we couldn't let him cry b/c we were staying with family, and when we returned to Nebraska things never really got back on track.

Fast forward over a year later, yes that is right A YEAR!! I keep trying to repeat the magical solution of letting him cry for one night, but Joe, having been traumatized by the first time, can not do it!

When we put Jordy down and he cries, Joe makes a mad dash in there like the kid is on fire! Once he goes and picks Jordy up, it is over. The little guy is attached to him like glue. Then before you know it, he is in our bed ripping out my hair at the root and kicking Joe in the pills.

It is even worse now that I am working nights. I am not there to even give Joe a scowl when he goes in there. When I get home from work, I have to fight Jordy for my side of the bed.

Don't get me wrong, I love snuggling with my little Jordykins. I love how warm he is, and all the cute little noises he makes. I love how he breaths, and how he smiles in his sleep. Sometimes he even lets out little giggles. And sometimes, yes it's true, I end up getting him and not Joe.

But now I am starting to become afraid. I picture Jordan being 15 and still in our bed. Tonight I am home, Joe is asleep in our bed, Jordy woke up and Joe jumped up and got him. I took him and returned him to his own bed. He did cry for about 10 minutes total, but now is resting comfortably.

I think I will have to send Joe away for about a week to get the whole sleep schedule down, then I can reintroduce Joe to the mix.

Any suggestions? How on earth do other people do this?

Now this is really scary!!

I just finished watching I.O.U.S.A.

It is really scary to think of what may happen, or rather what will happen.

Please watch it! There is a 30minute version online you should watch!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Only 6 more weeks...

Okay not buying anything for myself for two entire months is really really hard. I keep coming up with all sorts of devious ways that I could get something that I "need". I thought about continually mentioning to Joe that I need a pair of gloves to prevent my hands from getting frostbite and then requiring amputation so that he would feel prompted to go buy me some gloves. Clearly this would be a manipulation of his tiny man brain (just kidding, his brain isn't tiny, or rather it is- he has a surprisingly small head for someone as smart as he is).

I have improved in my website browsing though. Amazon is definitely on my list of do not visit sites. Mostly I have been reading a lot of saving advice and dreaming of houses that I may someday be able to live in.

In my perusal of blogs I came across an interesting post on homeade cleaners. Interestingly this was one of my goals in my 101 in 1001 (goal #58 to use natural cleaners).

I also found another post, sorry I didn't save that link, about all the uses for bar soap. The author used it for everything from washing clothes to brushing her teeth (seriously!, brushing her teeth). It got me to thinking, why are we so brainwashed to think that we need a different soap for dishwashing, clothes washing, and all other kinds of washing. For face and body soap, I can understand that bar soap may be too drying- but does it matter if your clothes get too dry? Most of us use fabric softener anyways-

OH that reminds me. I found a site that recommended rather than buying fabric softener to take cheap conditioner and dilute it. They said you can use it the same as fabric softener for a fraction of the price. Interesting...I will let you know how it turns out.

Well all of these ideas are wonderful, but they still have to pass the Joe test. If a cleaner, food, or other product does not have a name brand slapped to the side of it Joe automatically declares it is inferior and refuses to use it. Then he will go out, behind my back mind you, and buy all kinds of name brand cleaners. What he doesn't realize is that having a closet packed to the brim of name brand cleaning supplies does not do any good if you do not use them!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I took boards on December 4th, while we were in Hawaii. Truth be told, I didn't feel very good about it. There was so much that I was just flat out guessing on. I was really scared about getting the results.

For the last week I have been obsessing over it, freaking out, and basically losing it. Just ask Joe, he will attest to my craziness!

Finally today the results were out- I passed.

Thank God!

I am don't have to take that stupid test again until 2015!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

We did it!....kind of...

One of my goals for my 101 in 1001 was to go on a date night every month with Joe where we get a sitter. (Heidi please refer to the link to get the low down on 101 in 1001).

Well tonight was the first date night where Joe and I left Jordy with a sitter. In preparation for leaving Jordy with someone other than my mom or Trent's family, I did a lot of investigation. I found someone who has three kids of his own, three grandchildren, is an excellent ICU nurse who is up to date on all pediatric emergencies. If anything happened to Jordy, this man would know what to do.

I felt pretty good leaving Jordy with the sitter. Joe wasn't as sure, and nearly broke into tears when we left. Jordy of course was crying and clinging to our legs...

We made it to the movie theatre and apparently I had read the schedule wrong because I thought we were going to watch the Benjamin Button movie, but instead got stuck watching the worst possible movie two parents could watch after leaving their child alone with a practical stranger...."The Changeling".

Incase you haven't heard of it, which I hadn't, this is the terrible tale (true story mind you) of a woman who has her beautiful son kidnapped while she is away from the house for just a few hours. She then embarks on a heart wrenching journey to find him. Finally the police bring back a kid and she hopes it is him, it's not. Then the police think she is crazy, she gets locked up, then released once it is found that there is a crazy maniac who is chopping up little boys into bits. Some of the images were quite disturbing and I thought I would have to leave.

Surprisingly we made it through the movie. Once the final credits ran, Joe and I jumped out of our chairs and made a mad dash back to our apartment to snatch little Jordy up and hug him tight. Of course our sitter wasn't a crazed maniac, but after two hours of watching innocent little boys get brutally murdered and a poor mother screaming "Where's my son"- who wouldn't get a little paranoid.

As I type now I am tempted to go get Jordy out of his bed and snuggle him tight.

Anyways, next month maybe I will find something else for Joe and I to do on our date night! But I will update my list:

7. Once a month date night where Jordy has a sitter. (1/32)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Buy Nothing for Two Months

It has only been 6 days and this has been really difficult. I don't know how I will continue on. There all kinds of things that I keep thinking about that I really NEED!

Okay I don't need any of these things, as they are not food, shelter, or other life preserving items. More of comfort really.

One of the things is a pair of gloves. It is so cold here in the mornings when I leave work. When I am driving my hands feel like they are frozen into position.

Then while checking my email, I keep getting all kinds of sale notices. All the stores are having huge after Christmas sales. This is so painful.

I read a good posting on a blog by Frugal Dad. It kind of reminded me to be happy with what I have now. I really do have enough.


I only put 100 goals on my list of 101!

I can't think of another one right now....I am sure one will come to me.

Any suggestions?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My 101 in 1001

So everyone else is doing it....I might as well too- I am gonna start 101 in 1001.

Reading other people's goals has really inspired me to get things done too. Plus if I write it down, then I will actually get it done. There are so many things that I want to do, but never really make the time.
So here it goes....Before October 3rd, 2011, I will:

  1. Become a member of AAFP and complete the monthly CME quiz. (0/32)
  2. Read the ER book by the time we leave here.
  3. Every month while I am in the ER, draw blood and start an IV so I don't lose my skills.(0/9)
  4. Go to at least 3 social events with work people before we leave here. (0/3)
  5. Renew ACLS
  6. Take on a new task at work, be flight commander next time Robert is gone
  7. Once a month date night where Jordy has a sitter. (0/32)
  8. Take Jordy to play group at least 10 times before we leave here. (0/10)
  9. Find a wonderful daycare for Jordy once we get to Florida, one that is bilingual.
  10. Work with Jordy, when he is ready, to learn spanish.
  11. Take a family trip to Everland.
  12. Take a family trip to Mt. Sorak.
  13. Start going to church here, go at least 10 times (hey I am being realistic!) (0/10)
  14. Find a church once we get to Florida.
  15. Have professional pictures of us done.
  16. Have a big family Thanksgiving where I do the cooking.
  17. Take Joe on a romantic weekend alone.
  18. Take Jordy on a camping trip.
  19. Go on a cruise with family.
  20. Make a letterbox and place it.
  21. Make 8 weekly menu plans to alternate. (0/8)
  22. Learn 5 vegetarian recipes. (0/5)
  23. Find and start Master's Program.
  24. Go an entire two months without buying anything for myself. (0/2)
  25. Go without tv for one week.
  26. Get one of my scrapbook pages published in a magazine on a website
  27. Close accounts that I am not using.
  28. Master Quicken.
  29. Make and keep a monthly budget. (0/32)
  30. Save "enough" for a down payment for a house in Florida.
  31. Start saving for Jordy's College.
  32. Get Joe a car when we get to Florida that isn't too outrageously expensive.
  33. Get an annual credit report for both Joe and I. (0/3)
  34. Start a garden to grow vegetables.
  35. Start composting.
  36. Have a big yard with a doggie door for Pezzy.
  37. Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it. (0/32)
  38. Buy Joe the tv of his dreams.
  39. Have people over for a home cooked meal and a movie.
  40. Get pictures from my dad, sister, and a few others to have enlarged and displayed in my home.
  41. Send 5 thank you cards to people for how they have impacted my life. (0/5)
  42. Test drive an extravagantly expensive sports car.
  43. Get Botox.
  44. Play golf for the first time, and not miniature golf.
  45. Read 15 books from the library (0/15)
  46. Stop swearing! This one isn't measurable, but I really need to stop being such a potty mouth.
  47. Knit a sweater.
  48. Participate and complete the 365 Portrait Challenge
  49. Take a Class at the Community Center on making paper crafts.
  50. Lasik
  51. Recycle aluminum Cans Regularly.
  52. Once I am doing the cans, move on to plastics.
  53. Stop buying individual yogurt cups, buy the big one and put in my own reusable container.
  54. Have one day per week where I don't drive and use public transportation. (0/
  55. Buy/Find enough cloth bags to use for grocery shopping. (0/10)
  56. Consistently use the cloth bags when grocery shopping for one year. (0/24)
  57. Donate old clothes and other things rather than throwing them away. (0/4)
  58. Start using natural cleaners in my home such as Vinegar and Baking Soda and lemon.
  59. Instead of Air Filters that consume energy, I will buy houseplants that clean the air for free.
  60. Stop buying paper towels and napkins for a month. (0/1)
  61. Take the clothes Jordan has outgrown to the Consigment Shop on Base.
  62. Eat Sushi 10 times (0/10)
  63. Go to the Seafood Festival in Florida
  64. Play video games with Joe at least 5 times. (0/5)
  65. Go to 10 movies with Joe, or watch pirated ones here in Korea, that Joe picks. (0/10)
  66. Find 15 new ways to tell Joe that I love him. (0/15)
  67. Have a spa weekend with Jennifer, my treat.
  68. Visit Heidi in Kentucky and meet her family.
  69. Try 10 new resteraunts. (0/10)
  70. Make 100 scrapbook layouts. (0/100)
  71. Go on a picnic 4 times. (0/4)
  72. Draw Jordan's Family Tree
  73. Make a photo book of all of Jordy's pictures.
  74. Go to Disney World
  75. Go to Disney Wild Animal Park
  76. Get an account on Facebook
  77. Watch a Marky Mark movie with Jennifer while we drink strawberry daiquiris
  78. Visit the Park's in Alaska.
  79. See 5 plays/musicals/concerts. (0/5)
  80. Find a Charity I am passionate about and help them raise money.
  81. Participate in Gimme your Stuff
  82. Send PostCarts in Post Crossing (0/5)
  83. Exercise for health, not to maintain some unrealistic goal for myself.
  84. learn to love myself, my body, and mind, even though there are countless flaws.
  85. Know that having a few jiggles here and there doesn't make me unlovable.
  86. Exercise regularly 3x per week. (0/
  87. Run a 5K
  88. Get a perfect score on my next fitness test.
  89. Laser Hair Removal
  90. Do pictures for at least 5 groups of people. They can be family, wedding, kids. (0/5)
  91. Stop buying bottled water. Get a filter for work so I can use a cup instead.
  92. Continue to be a nonsmoker and encourage my patients to quit.
  93. Have Joe and I both make "bucket lists"
  94. Make a list of 100 things I love.
  95. Go Hiking at least 10 times. (0/10)
  96. Go to the DMZ.
  97. Make Joe a new quilt.
  98. Wear heels at least once per month. (0/32)
  99. Go to the Florida Keys
  100. Write in my blog once per week.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

I spent the New Year at the ER working. Normally we have 2-3 drunks per night, so for New Years I was expecting an invasion. Robert was nice enough that he came in to help out. Surprisingly it was really slow. In fact the only patient we had before midnight was Jordy! Yes it's true, my son was the only patient.

Joe called me and said that Jordy was running a really high temp that wasn't coming down with Tylenol and Motrin. Then Jordy was letting out some blood curdling screams and shaking. I told him to come in immediately.

Luckily Robert was already there so I didn't have to pin down Jordy and look in his ear myself. I don't like to be Jordy's doctor, just his mommy! He had an ear infection! I was really surprised! I hope that this isn't going to be a recurring problem.

Now we are giving him Amoxicillin twice a day. It is quite traumatic for everyone involved. Jordy is freakishly strong and fights us. I feel like we are killing him as he sputters and tries to spit it out. Last night Joe brought him to see me at the ER and we had one of the nurses give it to him. He actually did much better with the nurse than us!

Only 7 more days of antibiotics to's gonna be a long week!