Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Claire Olivia

Sorry for the long delay....but finally here are pictures of our new bundle.

Quickly a recap of how she arrived:
Just when I could take being pregnant no longer I spent the day crying and whining to Joe. It was a Sunday night and Joe suggested that I call my OB first thing Monday and asked to be induced. I said I would think about it. I went to go lay down, but couldn't get comfortable from throbbing back pain.

After an hour of shifting around uncomfortably, I got the heating pad with no help. Then I finally realized that the throbbing pain seemed to be coming in a pattern....yes I know I am a doctor, but sometimes we are pretty dense!

I told Joe about the contractions, and the fact that I started spotting, and off to the hospital we went. I didn't think they would keep me, and was sure that I would be back home in no time. We got to the hospital at 1030 pm, and by 9AM we had a baby girl!

She was 7lbs 13oz, 20.5 inches long, and cute as a button! She looked just like Jordan when he was born, and like her older brother she didn't cry either!