Sunday, January 11, 2009

Only 6 more weeks...

Okay not buying anything for myself for two entire months is really really hard. I keep coming up with all sorts of devious ways that I could get something that I "need". I thought about continually mentioning to Joe that I need a pair of gloves to prevent my hands from getting frostbite and then requiring amputation so that he would feel prompted to go buy me some gloves. Clearly this would be a manipulation of his tiny man brain (just kidding, his brain isn't tiny, or rather it is- he has a surprisingly small head for someone as smart as he is).

I have improved in my website browsing though. Amazon is definitely on my list of do not visit sites. Mostly I have been reading a lot of saving advice and dreaming of houses that I may someday be able to live in.

In my perusal of blogs I came across an interesting post on homeade cleaners. Interestingly this was one of my goals in my 101 in 1001 (goal #58 to use natural cleaners).

I also found another post, sorry I didn't save that link, about all the uses for bar soap. The author used it for everything from washing clothes to brushing her teeth (seriously!, brushing her teeth). It got me to thinking, why are we so brainwashed to think that we need a different soap for dishwashing, clothes washing, and all other kinds of washing. For face and body soap, I can understand that bar soap may be too drying- but does it matter if your clothes get too dry? Most of us use fabric softener anyways-

OH that reminds me. I found a site that recommended rather than buying fabric softener to take cheap conditioner and dilute it. They said you can use it the same as fabric softener for a fraction of the price. Interesting...I will let you know how it turns out.

Well all of these ideas are wonderful, but they still have to pass the Joe test. If a cleaner, food, or other product does not have a name brand slapped to the side of it Joe automatically declares it is inferior and refuses to use it. Then he will go out, behind my back mind you, and buy all kinds of name brand cleaners. What he doesn't realize is that having a closet packed to the brim of name brand cleaning supplies does not do any good if you do not use them!


Kameron said...

Do what my mom used to do to my dad...He refused to eat lowfat anything, milk, mayo, etc. My mom used to pour a new container of 2% into the Vitamin D jug and the same thing with light mayo into the regualr jar and he never knew the difference!! :o)

Heidi said...

I don't know if I would try the bar soap in my mouth... what about the flouride?? Would this not piss the 10th dentist off further? LOL! I have tried the hair conditioner in clothes though and was pleasantly surprised that it worked quite well. as far as the household cleaners I like vinegar, ammonia, and lemon juice. They all work great!