Sunday, January 4, 2009

My 101 in 1001

So everyone else is doing it....I might as well too- I am gonna start 101 in 1001.

Reading other people's goals has really inspired me to get things done too. Plus if I write it down, then I will actually get it done. There are so many things that I want to do, but never really make the time.
So here it goes....Before October 3rd, 2011, I will:

  1. Become a member of AAFP and complete the monthly CME quiz. (0/32)
  2. Read the ER book by the time we leave here.
  3. Every month while I am in the ER, draw blood and start an IV so I don't lose my skills.(0/9)
  4. Go to at least 3 social events with work people before we leave here. (0/3)
  5. Renew ACLS
  6. Take on a new task at work, be flight commander next time Robert is gone
  7. Once a month date night where Jordy has a sitter. (0/32)
  8. Take Jordy to play group at least 10 times before we leave here. (0/10)
  9. Find a wonderful daycare for Jordy once we get to Florida, one that is bilingual.
  10. Work with Jordy, when he is ready, to learn spanish.
  11. Take a family trip to Everland.
  12. Take a family trip to Mt. Sorak.
  13. Start going to church here, go at least 10 times (hey I am being realistic!) (0/10)
  14. Find a church once we get to Florida.
  15. Have professional pictures of us done.
  16. Have a big family Thanksgiving where I do the cooking.
  17. Take Joe on a romantic weekend alone.
  18. Take Jordy on a camping trip.
  19. Go on a cruise with family.
  20. Make a letterbox and place it.
  21. Make 8 weekly menu plans to alternate. (0/8)
  22. Learn 5 vegetarian recipes. (0/5)
  23. Find and start Master's Program.
  24. Go an entire two months without buying anything for myself. (0/2)
  25. Go without tv for one week.
  26. Get one of my scrapbook pages published in a magazine on a website
  27. Close accounts that I am not using.
  28. Master Quicken.
  29. Make and keep a monthly budget. (0/32)
  30. Save "enough" for a down payment for a house in Florida.
  31. Start saving for Jordy's College.
  32. Get Joe a car when we get to Florida that isn't too outrageously expensive.
  33. Get an annual credit report for both Joe and I. (0/3)
  34. Start a garden to grow vegetables.
  35. Start composting.
  36. Have a big yard with a doggie door for Pezzy.
  37. Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it. (0/32)
  38. Buy Joe the tv of his dreams.
  39. Have people over for a home cooked meal and a movie.
  40. Get pictures from my dad, sister, and a few others to have enlarged and displayed in my home.
  41. Send 5 thank you cards to people for how they have impacted my life. (0/5)
  42. Test drive an extravagantly expensive sports car.
  43. Get Botox.
  44. Play golf for the first time, and not miniature golf.
  45. Read 15 books from the library (0/15)
  46. Stop swearing! This one isn't measurable, but I really need to stop being such a potty mouth.
  47. Knit a sweater.
  48. Participate and complete the 365 Portrait Challenge
  49. Take a Class at the Community Center on making paper crafts.
  50. Lasik
  51. Recycle aluminum Cans Regularly.
  52. Once I am doing the cans, move on to plastics.
  53. Stop buying individual yogurt cups, buy the big one and put in my own reusable container.
  54. Have one day per week where I don't drive and use public transportation. (0/
  55. Buy/Find enough cloth bags to use for grocery shopping. (0/10)
  56. Consistently use the cloth bags when grocery shopping for one year. (0/24)
  57. Donate old clothes and other things rather than throwing them away. (0/4)
  58. Start using natural cleaners in my home such as Vinegar and Baking Soda and lemon.
  59. Instead of Air Filters that consume energy, I will buy houseplants that clean the air for free.
  60. Stop buying paper towels and napkins for a month. (0/1)
  61. Take the clothes Jordan has outgrown to the Consigment Shop on Base.
  62. Eat Sushi 10 times (0/10)
  63. Go to the Seafood Festival in Florida
  64. Play video games with Joe at least 5 times. (0/5)
  65. Go to 10 movies with Joe, or watch pirated ones here in Korea, that Joe picks. (0/10)
  66. Find 15 new ways to tell Joe that I love him. (0/15)
  67. Have a spa weekend with Jennifer, my treat.
  68. Visit Heidi in Kentucky and meet her family.
  69. Try 10 new resteraunts. (0/10)
  70. Make 100 scrapbook layouts. (0/100)
  71. Go on a picnic 4 times. (0/4)
  72. Draw Jordan's Family Tree
  73. Make a photo book of all of Jordy's pictures.
  74. Go to Disney World
  75. Go to Disney Wild Animal Park
  76. Get an account on Facebook
  77. Watch a Marky Mark movie with Jennifer while we drink strawberry daiquiris
  78. Visit the Park's in Alaska.
  79. See 5 plays/musicals/concerts. (0/5)
  80. Find a Charity I am passionate about and help them raise money.
  81. Participate in Gimme your Stuff
  82. Send PostCarts in Post Crossing (0/5)
  83. Exercise for health, not to maintain some unrealistic goal for myself.
  84. learn to love myself, my body, and mind, even though there are countless flaws.
  85. Know that having a few jiggles here and there doesn't make me unlovable.
  86. Exercise regularly 3x per week. (0/
  87. Run a 5K
  88. Get a perfect score on my next fitness test.
  89. Laser Hair Removal
  90. Do pictures for at least 5 groups of people. They can be family, wedding, kids. (0/5)
  91. Stop buying bottled water. Get a filter for work so I can use a cup instead.
  92. Continue to be a nonsmoker and encourage my patients to quit.
  93. Have Joe and I both make "bucket lists"
  94. Make a list of 100 things I love.
  95. Go Hiking at least 10 times. (0/10)
  96. Go to the DMZ.
  97. Make Joe a new quilt.
  98. Wear heels at least once per month. (0/32)
  99. Go to the Florida Keys
  100. Write in my blog once per week.


Liza said...

Good luck on your 101, that is quite a list! I tried it and I didn't get very far :) Thanks for visiting my blog, I love yours and I will definitely be back!

Kameron said...

Welcome aboard! I'll keep ya honest on your list. I love that yours ends on my mom's birthday! I won't ask why you want to watch a marky Mark movie while drinking daqueries either! :o)

Heidi said...

Cool list but I am lost on the 101 in 1001. What does that mean?

Stephensens Rock said...

Katrina, this was beautiful and inspiring. What a well-rounded set of goals, and from so many areas! Best wishes, let me know if I can support you in any of them. Trav