Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Cold is when your shampoo freezes"

Joe's Stepdad, Reese, always says "You don't know cold until your shampoo freezes". And up until very recently I didn't know that kind of cold...sadly I do now.

In Korea they don't have heaters like we think of heaters. There is no such thing as forced air. Our heater is actually under the floor. It takes at least three days for the house to warm up, and heaven forbid that you overheat it b/c then you will be roasting the next three days while it cools down.

In the bathrooms the floor isn't heated. To make matters worse, the drains do not have J-pipes in them. I didn't give a rat's ass what this meant until someone explained that this means there is no water seal locking in heat and keeping out mosquitos (as we experienced in the summer). Long story short- our bathrooms are freezing!!

I have an embarassing confession- I have only been showering about once per week! Before you judge me would you want to? As soon as I open the door to the bathroom, cold air smacks me in the face. The tile in there is so ice cold I have to walk on towels otherwise my feet my freeze to the floor. Then it takes at least 5 minutes for the hot water to kick in, then for 30 seconds it is showering bliss with warm water. Then the water turns back to ice. Meanwhile while I am dodging icicles being shot at me from the shower head, I try to squeeze out some shampoo only to realize that the shampoo is frozen. It is seriously like a slushee!

I did my best to wash up, but seriously I was so frozen I didn't care. I jumped out and vowed to never go back. So what if I am known as the stinky doctor at work- maybe less people will come in on my shift!


Kameron said...

So far you have convinced me NEVER to go there!! That really sucks. Can't you buy a space heater or anything?? I will never take my heater for granted again.

HA! The word verification is reakkco...maybe it knows!! :o)

Heidi said...

DEAR GOD! I don't think I would be taking a shower that often either!!! When Shampoo turns into a slushee it's time to get the hell out! A lot of Doc's I know take showers at work (because they are to lazy to at home, or they are working many hours in a row). Can you try that?

It sounds awful over there! i am with Kameron.. you are convincing me to never ever go there!