Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Dinner Cooking Fiasco!

This year for Christmas, I planned on cooking a ham. My mom makes great sauerkraut (not sure if I spelled that right?) so I wanted a delicious ham to go along with it. I also wanted to make yams and apples, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, crescent rolls, and gravy. The day of cooking started off well with all kinds of peeling of potatoes.

While that was going on, I already had the ham in the oven. I used my old friend LaLa's recipe, which calls for a lot of liquid (not allowed to share what kind as I am sworn to secrecy).

The ham was smelling great, the potatoes were almost all the way peeled....things were running smoothly until I needed to run the garbage disposal to flush all those peelings down the drain. They just wouldn't go! I kept shoving and the water kept coming back up....confused I kept switching off and on the disposal when I felt something cold on my foot.

Much to my dismay, water was running out from under the sink. I opened the cabinet to reveal the holy hell of potato peeling explosion under the sink!

Just then Joe was coming around the corner, I popped my head up to stop him before he saw the horrible mess I made. To those that don't know, just one year ago I convinced Joe that based on a video I saw on youtube, we could replace our kitchen sink ourselves. Three horrific days later, hundreds of gallons of water on our floor later, and at least a million swears, Joe completed the project and vowed to kill me if I ever suggested something like that again. So you can imagine me not being thrilled at just messing up the plumbing with potato peeling explosion.

"Joe, before you see what I just did, I want you to remember that I love you!" I shouted.

He looked down, and asked, "Did you throw-up in there?"

I just started laughing because, really, it did look like vomit!

I explained what had happened, we laughed, and started to clean it up...that is when I smelt something burning. I looked in the oven, and the ham was bubbling over and smoke was pouring out of the oven.

Oh crap! I got some oven mitts and started to move the ham to the stove top- spilling boiling ham juice everywhere.

Just then the baby started screaming because Jordan hit her with his new helicopter that Santa brought (not on purpose, he's just a terrible flier).

So there we were, potato peelings up to our ankles, ham juice spilling everywhere, Jordan screaming fix it, baby screaming...

The phone rang and it was my mom. Joe answered and told her "Get over here now, it's bad over here!"

I just started laughing, he sounded so dramatic, " It's bad over here!"

My mom showed up in ten minutes all in a panic. By then we had things mostly under control!
She took a picture of the carnage and left laughing so hard! Fortunately we didn't ruin the ham, Joe fixed the sink, baby sister recovered from the helicopter to the head, and the helicopter still flies, so Jordan is thrilled.

Merry Christmas