Sunday, September 28, 2008

Seoul City

Jordy fell asleep so we just held up his head!


Today we went on a tour of Seoul with a tour group. The base has all kinds of tours for only about 20 bucks. They provide transportation and a tour guide who actually speaks English! We went with Eric (friend from residency) and Robert (head honcho of the ER). Joe didn't sleep good last night, but did a good job of not complaining too much.

The first stop we went was the Seoul Tower. It is like the space needle in Seattle...kind of... At the top there is all kinds of locks all over the railing. Apparently they are what the teenagers put there to symbolize their love- and they throw the key over the side! There was also a big display of hearts with different designs on them. In the park surrounding the tower there was some guys practicing some sort of martial arts. It was pretty cool.

Next stop was some city street that had a lot of shopping. There was an Outback Steakhouse. We ate there, but it wasn't quite right.

Then we walked along this pretty waterway and arrived in some place with more shopping and roadside food places. There was actually a big pot of beatles and worms. It was quite disgusting. The tour guide said they are really good and salty. Uggggghhhh!

We went to the blue house (like the white house in the US, it is where the prez lives). It was the cleanest place we have seen in this country so far! It was a fun day- but we were pretty tired when we got back.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My first three shift in ER

I just worked three shifts in the ER and just have to say that there are so many whiny patients out there!

I don't think that there was really any true emergencies, just mostly primary care stuff.

There were so many coughs/colds that I wondered if these people have never been sick before. There was one guy who went to his primary care doctor and was told he had a cold two days ago, he then came to me today wondering why he wasn't better.

It was so annoying.... The hard part is that I am too nice...I have a hard time telling them to suck it up. I did give out less get out of work free slips today though. I think I was just sick of having to put up with this shit.

We still haven't found a car yet. I have been looking online and around base and no luck. I have been riding my bike to work and back. It isn't so bad in the morning, but in the afternoon it is all up hill and hot as hell. I arrive home looking like I just jumped out of the sauna- all red in the face and sweaty. Today Joe borrowed our friends car and came and picked me up. I was so glad.

I am supposed to not have to work tomorrow, but there is some training to do so I have to be there anyways...GREAT!! I am so thrilled. I am also supposed to take the test for my drivers license in Korea. Hopefully I will pass...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pics from Korea

Here is jordy In the airport with his monkey leash on.

This is the main street by our apartment.

This is Joe infront of the front gate to Osan.

This is near the main gate. There is a big shopping area there. They even have a Baskin Robbins and a McDonalds.

Korea Update

We have survived almost two weeks here!

Our stuff that we had shipped over arrived. We finally have internet in our place, and a working phone. Last night we went and got cell phones. The only thing we are still missing is a car! Our is arriving October 20th, but I am working on buying a used car. It is really hard to find one- they sell almost once they are posted online!

We are adjusting to live in Korea. There are some small but significant differences. First off I finally figured out that we don't have a garbage disposal in our kitchen. It looks like there is one, but I could never find the plug. Finally I asked my friend Trent who taught me how to use the contraption. All the food goes down the drain and catches in this little netted trap. Then you put this lid over the trap and it centrifuges all the food particles down to a dry lump. Then you take the dry lump out to the trash pile. At the trash pile they have these yellow bins that you put all the food stuff in. It is really gross.

They recycle everything here. We have to separate all of our trash. I still haven't quite figured out where to put the dirty diapers? Having to work so hard to throw things away really makes you realize how much trash you create!

The next thing that is really different is the laundry. The property manager assured us that we did have a washer and a dryer, but in the laundry room was only one machine. Turns out that it is both a washer and a dryer. I assumed that once it was done washing a tumble cycle would then start. I was wrong. What happens is it washes the clothes, then heats up like an oven. Then it proceeds to bake your clothes for about three hours. Sometimes they turn out good, sometimes they are still damp. Out on our patio is a clothes rack for hanging the clothes to dry. I am using it quite frequently.

All of the appliances sing- whenever they are done with anything it sings a little song. Jordy really enjoys it!

I start actual work on Tuesday. Kind of scary since I will be all alone for three days because our flight commander is gonna be gone! I guess I will survive (hopefully the patients will too).

On Friday I picked up all my chem warfare stuff. They have two separate bags- training stuff and real world stuff. On Monday I get to go practice wearing everything, gas mask and all. I am sure I will be drenched in sweat by the time we are done!

Since we have been here I haven't been able to work out at all! I am so exhausted from the time change. I am starting to adjust. Jordy has done better than Joe and I. He is adjusted to the time. Hopefully by the end of this week we will be all settled and in a routine. It is hard for me to change my schedule all the time.

Next weekend we are going to take a tour of Seoul with the military tour group. I am looking forward to seeing the big city.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Only 364 more days to go...

We survived the journey here. Surprisingly Jordy did really well on the plane. On the long flight from San Francisco to Seoul, we were in the middle seats and no one was in the two seats next to us. We were able to lay Jordy down and let him sleep. Joe and I couldn't sleep though, so uncomfortable!

Once we landed we had a two hour bus ride to the base. We were greeted at the hotel by Trent and Eric, two of the guys I was in residency with. We got signed into the base and got checked into the hotel. Our room is pretty tiny, especially with all our luggage and crap. I was so exhausted from the trip, but as soon as I laid my head down, Jordy was wide awake! Thank goodness Joe took him out to the lobby for several hours to sleep. Poor Joe didn't sleep at all that night...

In the morning I went over to the hospital and got signed in there. They gave me a huge check in sheet of all the places I need to go for inprocessing...I actually had to sit down I was so overwhelmed. I didn't get any of it done yet....

Today we met with the housing office and went and looked at an apartment. It is 1.2 million won (1200 dollars per month). We can move in tomorrow. Negotiating the deal was the scariest thing I have ever done. At one point there were three Korean men yelling at eachother in Korean. I had no idea what was going on. The whole process is very confusing!

This is the living room of our apartment.


The apartment is about a ten minute drive off base. Joe is a little terrified about how far it is. It seems pretty overwhelming when there are no signs in English and crazy drivers everywhere. I hope we get the hang of things. Our car doesn't get here until mid- October, so I guess I will be riding my bike or taking taxis for a while!

This Monday is a Korean holiday, Chusek, kind of like our Thanksgiving. Joe asked our realtor what they ate for the holiday and he said something that sounded suspiciously like dog. Joe tried to clarify what he said and at one point started barking and panting to signify he meant an actual dog. The realtor laughed and assured us it was not a dog, but rather some sort of rice cake... It was really funny!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our last day...

We are headed to South Korea (map shows North Korea, sorry only map I could find)

Today was our last day in the "states"... I kept help but look back over our last three years here. So much has changed in those years.

We moved to Omaha Nebraska, a place I had never even thought about moving before. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who supported me without any doubt and moved out here with me. Joe and I bought a huge house, backed out of the deal, then bought a condo. I started residency and wondered what the hell I was thinking and wanted to quit. Joe encouraged me right till the very end.

We started a family, first two dogs, then our precious son Jordan. He changed our lives in so many ways, mostly good...I do miss sleeping in. But it is entirely worth it getting up to play with Jordy before anyone else is up. I treasure everyday with him because he changes so quickly. He looks at everything with amazement and wonder.

Joe worked for Best Buy and then Pay Pal. We were fortunate that we could survive on one income and Joe decided to stay home with our Jordy. Then we found out we were headed for Korea...

At first we didn't know what to think. Then we decided it would be best to embrace this adventure. When I had Jordan I was a little scared that my traveling days would be over, but then a few months later we are ready to fly off to Korea, see China, and hopefully Japan too. It is amazing how everything works out.

Joe and I have also changed as individuals and as a couple as well. Being alone out here we have really learned to depend on eachother. I know that Joe is there for me unconditionally. I can depend on him and he will always be there. Joe and I have a wonderful marriage and I feel so lucky to have him. After seven years I still wonder how he puts up with me...

Our cell phones are shut off, our mail forwarded, our place rented, our bags packed. It is just me, Joe and Jordy and the open road/sky... After a long trip we will arrive in Korea and start a new chapter of our lives...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jordy Videos

Another Video!

I realized that I only have videos on here with Jordy having a screaming fit. He really does not cry every second of the day, contrary to what Joe will tell you. Jordy does some really cute tricks. This is his dancing that we call Baby River Dance.

Jenn came out to visit us before we left the country and Jordy warmed up to her pretty quick. He then was always trying to give her Jordy Kisses, which she found gross. We were all jealous with how many Jordy Kisses he gave to her, since he is usually very stingy with them.

We leave on Monday. It will be nice to have everything all done. It is so stressful moving from place to place and not having a regular place for everything.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

'Hood workout

In my quest of sexiness, I found a great blog called phit-n-phat. She also has really good videos on youtube about exercise and motivation and stuff. The lady's name is Corinne Crabtree. She used to be a whale, but now is freaking hot! Hopefully someday soon I will be down the path to hotness!

On her videos she talks about the "hood workout". She does a power walk around the neighborhood for 4 minute intervals. The she stops and does "power moves". There are several of these; suicides, push-ups, hopping up on the curb, pop squats, etc. Then after these she resumes walking for another 4 minutes, then repeats.

Joe agreed to go with my on this 'Hood Workout. We started out from my mom's house and got half way down the block when it was time for the first of the power moves. Joe started out doing them, then stopped. He said that the "spectacle factor" was too high. He just kind of walked away from me while I was doing the moves.

We walked all the way to the end of the neighborhood, stopping every 4 minutes. At the end of the block I stopped in one yard to do these, when I heard clapping and hooting coming from one of the houses. Joe was horrified to even be seen with me! He started to walk away.

I really didn't care if I was jeered at or heckeled! I am trying to lose weight not win a coolness contest (which I would lose anyways).

When we got back (after a solid 34 minutes of doing this) Joe explained to my parents what I had been doing. They were also pretty horrified that I would do this outside! So I guess I am on my own next time!

Check out the Phit-n Phat Site, it is really inspirational!
To see the 'Hood workout look on youtube!

Monday, September 1, 2008


If only we could ship Jordy to Korea...that 12 hour plane ride is gonna be a killer!

All the moving was too much for Jordy, he finally crashed in our empty place.

We officially moved out of our place. I was pretty sad to see all of our stuff go. Thank goodness the military does all the work for us. On Friday we had three women come and pack up all of our stuff. They packed the entire house in about 5 hours. Then on Monday three guys came and moved all the stuff out, packed it into a truck, and away it went.

Since then we have been staying at my mom's house. It is really nice to have some extra help with Jordy. He loves grandma and grandpa.

Last week I finished residency!! Hooray, it has been a really long three years... Now that I am a "real" doctor, I am allowed to work for extra money. Over this past weekend I did some moonlighting in rural Nebraska. It was a pretty good deal, 3500 for 48 hours of call. And they let Joe and Jordy and I all stay in a house that the hospital owns. In addition I got a call from one of the staff there asking what kind of food we wanted in the house. When we got there the fridge was stocked with everything I had mentioned. Plus they even got Jordy a birthday present! I couldn't beleive it!

It was a crazy weekend; we flew one guy out with an acute MI, nearly coded one lady (she survived), did surgery on a 20 month old boy, removed a toenail, sewed up a head, knee, and arm.... It was a lot of fun and really confidence building.

I kept hearing all my attendings in my ear "Don't let that diabetic fool you, he's having an MI" Dr. Harrison kept screaming, "Get the ESR and CRP" Dr. Smith said, "She's allowed to have a few seizures with all that dementia" Dr. Malloy said. Dr. Hall looked over my shoulder as I read the EKG and said, "Get this guy out of here!" It really amazed me how much I have absorbed in the few years I have been here. This weekend for the first time I really felt like a competent doctor, I knew I could handle anything they threw my way. For that thank you to all my wonderful attendings and teachers.

We leave for Korea in one week. My best friend Jenn, is coming to visit on Wednesay. It will be fun to have no work or stress for a few days before the packing and chaos begins. I am just pretty anxious to get settled...all this moving around is killing me.

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