Monday, August 23, 2010

Looking Backwards...

Whenever my dad is dreading something he says he is "looking backward to it" rather than looking forward to it.

Now it is my turn....I am definitely looking backward to going back to work.

I have been home since mid-June and going back to work is definitely going to be hard. It has been wonderful to be home with the beautiful baby Claire. She is such a good baby, and already sleeps better than Jordan!

It has been nice to spend a lot of time with Jordan as well. He has been wonderful with the baby! This weekend Jordan turns 3! I am excited to see how he likes his party.

Not that leaving my kiddos for 8+ hours a day is bad enough, I also am having to deal with all kinds of headaches at that job of mine. My poor team has been dealing with all kinds of crap at work in my absence and are anxious to get me back. My first three days are filled up with the most annoying patients! Somehow I will get through this is gonna be rough though!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Name Change

Well, I didn't plan ahead....

When I started this blog, I didn't plan for future children. And let's face it, calling the blog Jordy's Mommy isn't fair to Claire or any future offspring.

I am very sensitive to the second child syndrome. You know what I mean all you second and third children out there. The first kid has thousands of pictures, second has a few, and third is lucky to have any at all.

So that is why I have changed the name of my blog, and am promising to have just as many pictures of Claire as I do of Jordan!