Sunday, January 18, 2009

Who is the military stylist?

Me in my Chem Suit- As you can see Jordy
is so happy to be seen with me in it!

During the exercise I have to wear tons of clothes. I wear my regular work uniform (the camouflage get-up), then over that a really thick pair of pants and a jacket. Then a FLACC vest, which has metal plates in it incase I get shot (usually those aren't in though, b/c if they are in I can hardly move). Instead of the regular helmet I wear a kevlar helmet that is also really heavy. It seriously takes me at least 15min to get dressed an undressed.

This stylish outfit also comes with several fashionable accessories. The reflective belt, which can be seen blinding you in this picture, is a must for every on the go woman. In addition rather than a regular belt buckle, why not use this gigantic pouch which snaps right on to your flacc vest. Every woman must have a sexy pair of shoes, well this outfit has two! Not only do you get to wear a sexy pair of combat boots, but how about wearing a gigantic pair of rubber boots over those! Oh the sex appeal of this outfit is outrageous!

Here we have the male version of this outfit, modeled by Trent. Here you can see the gas mask on his left hip and enormous back pack. Does it get any cooler than this?!

Seriously though, over the last few days at work we did have some fun. Despite the exercise we had some good times-

Here is Travis demonstrating how these seemingly normal paper bags can decontaminate you should you become chemically contaminated.

Here is Eric and I. Incase there is any confusion (as there was that day), I am the Real World Doctor of the Day & Eric is the Exercise Doc. Apparently Eric being all suited up did not make it obviously apparent that he was the Exercise guy.
Here is Eric, showing real passion and enthusiasm over an exercise patient.

In our downtime we did some mock-codes. I did my best to bring
this dummy back to life. No luck :(

This last picture is the only one of a "real" patient. This poor guy was walking back to his room and slipped on a patch of ice, fell backwards, and cracked his head open on the pavement. We stapled him back together again.


Kameron said...

Well, that outfit is truely one I need to get in the near future. And if I wasn't sticking to my diet alrwady, that last picture ensured that I won't be eating lunch. ;o)

Heidi said...

Now that is some hot, sexy, and steaming attire there! I bet that Joe can hardly keep his hands off of you! Though it may take him awhile to get his hands on you!

Sounds like that get-up would be to heavy to move around in at all!!

And that poor guy! Glad you guys stapled him up! You should save that picture for your front door. Tell the Jehovah's that it is a party favor for whomever comes into your house!

Grandpa said...

Those uniforms are really neat. Mom could sell a bunch on eBay. Do you have to wear those things all day?

Heidi had the best idea to hang a picture on the door for the Jehovah preachers to see. Like, here is the last one. Want to join him?

Miss you kids. Dad