Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This is getting painful!

Update on 101 in 1001:
So far I haven't bought anything for myself for the entire month of January. This does exclude food of course.

My real weakness is online shopping. Right now I am dying b/c there are all kinds of sales that I can't get in on!

There are clearance sales at Victoria Secret that are just killing me. They have this gorgeous convertible dress on sale:

I have been looking at this dress forever. It is so pretty and versatile (you can wear it 7 different ways!). Now don't think I am delusional, because I do recognize that I will not look as fabulous as this model in it. But gosh darn it- I will feel good in it! And remember I got this flab by making a person! Remember that will ya!

Since not buying stuff for myself has been one of my goals, I am doing pretty good. Joe has even cut down on spending this month. I think that for the first time we will come really close to meeting the monthly budget. Shocking I know...I almost heard Katie fall over from amazement and wonder! Seriously though, Katie is the woman! She got us all turned around! It is such a good feeling knowing that our money is being used appropriately and we are just blowing every month.

So for now, no pretty dresses, no strappy sandals, no designer bags for me. I am saving all my money for a new house in Florida. Of course once we get there I will be wearing rags, dirty and stinky from not having showered (read previous Post).

Not buying anything for two months (only a few weeks in) and I have already learned how little we need to survive. As long as we have food, shelter, and eachother, nothing else matters. Although things are much nicer if we have a good tv, DVD player, a Wii, Playstation 3, and a lightening fast internet connection. Oh and an good heater and water heater. Boy do I miss the states!


Heidi said...

Yeah, I would be missing the water heater now if I were you!! I can't believe the way that your place is heated! Dear god, is that country mean or what?!?!?