Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm Baaackkkk....

So I haven't blogged in quite a while...

Several contributing factors caused my deliquency... First having two kids and working full time is extremely exhausting! I don't know how women do it! Some women make it look so easy, but don't be fooled! My house is a constant wreck! I haven't worn make up since the baby was born!

Also, my computer died! I have debated endlessly whether to get my laptop fixed, but Joe ended up getting a new laptop, I got the hand me down. So as silly as it sounds, I don't have my old bookmarks on this one, so I just kind of forgot about blogging!

At work, my responsibilities keep growing! I keep trying to cram triple the work into the same amount of time (who wants to spend more time at work- especially when I don't get paid for overtime!). That means I bring some stuff home to do after the kiddos are in bed.

Jordan now stays with my mom during the week (Claire does too) rather than daycare (separate post on this later), so when we get him home I take him out to play with the neighbor kids a lot more. I am still trying to keep him social! That means when I get home, I am outside pretty much nonstop playing. On the plus side, I have lost weight and am back to a size 6...but the house is falling apart.

Joe started school in January. He studies like a maniac all week. Poor guy can not multi-task to save his life. He does his best, but it isn't like before when he cleaned and cooked...That is mostly me these days. On Mondays and Fridays when he is home, he still does everything, which is wonderful!