Saturday, April 25, 2015

California Vacation

Hello Again!

Reuniting with an old blog.

Now that I am a mommy to three gorgeous (I'm biased) kids, working full time (actually more like 60 hours per week), maintaining a home, and trying to still keep in shape- I have found myself giving up more and more of my hobbies.  Writing in my blog is one I would like to pick up again...

My work is incredibly rewarding- just yesterday I had one of my patients give me a "hope" charm for my Origami Owl Necklace.  Just one year ago I had called her and told she had breast cancer. She told me the last year was rough, but she could always count on me to give her "hope".  It was one of the nicest things my patients have ever done for me.  

Being a mom is hard.  Keeping watch of three little ones is hard.  Right now as I am typing, Joe is upstairs trying to do some homework, I'm watching the girls make a mess in the bathroom and living room, and Jordan is relaxing on the couch watching Veggie Tales. I should be entertainitng the kids in some manner- its a rainy day and they are bored.  I'm to lazy to entertain them.  It is nice to sit and just type my thoughts.

I had a good day at work yesterday- a patient came in with BPPV.  I still hadn't let Joe teach me how to treat it, so I called him.  He was at the gym and rushed over to help.  He explained what we were going to do to the patient, and then fixed her!

I got to come home to this

Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012....Thank God you are here!!


Wow, I haven't posted in six months....

Finally I understand why my mother never finished my baby book. Life with two kids, a full time job, and maintaining a healthy exhausting. It doesn't leave much time for such luxuries as blogging!!

Between work, kids, and maintaining the house... I am a dead woman by the end of the day. Most of the the house looks like a bomb hit it. The sad thing is that I hardly notice the mess anymore! I just plop myself down on the couch, too tired to care! As long as the kids are alive, fed, and somewhat happy- we are good!

I am so happy for 2012 because this is the year I get out of the military!! Hooray! We are planning on moving back to California at the end of the year, once I am a free woman. It is overwhelming to think of so many changes in one year...but I have been dreaming of getting out of the military since Day 1!!

Jordan is now 4 1/2. He is so much fun! His talking is so much better, you would have hardly guess he was a mute until the age of nearly 3!! He is busy all the time. He goes to preschool and has finally stopped hitting everyone! Finally he is getting past the terrible twos and tyrannical threes. He is just like his daddy, loves video games and electronics. He knows how to work the iPad better than me! Also just like Daddy, he is a safety freak. Always needs to have everybody safely buckled in to car seats, strollers, etc.

Claire is 18 months, and is such a little sweetheart. She loves animals and always tries to hug Pez, and wrap her up in the blankie. Pez is tolerant of her, but runs away at the first chance she gets. Claire is also learning to talk very quickly! Everyday she learns new words! Claire is quite the little drama queen- if you tell her no she wails and covers her face with her hands like it is the end of the world! Sometimes she will throw herself on the floor in a fit of rage! Joe will tell her "Stop It!" and immediately she does!

Certainly life with kids is a lot more work & much more exhausting than life before kids, but it is worth it (at least that is what I am telling myself)...

This year I am hoping to get caught up on scrap-booking. I have fallen so far behind! Also I would like to keep up with the blog... We'll see how it goes!