Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Buy Nothing for Two Months

It has only been 6 days and this has been really difficult. I don't know how I will continue on. There all kinds of things that I keep thinking about that I really NEED!

Okay I don't need any of these things, as they are not food, shelter, or other life preserving items. More of comfort really.

One of the things is a pair of gloves. It is so cold here in the mornings when I leave work. When I am driving my hands feel like they are frozen into position.

Then while checking my email, I keep getting all kinds of sale notices. All the stores are having huge after Christmas sales. This is so painful.

I read a good posting on a blog by Frugal Dad. It kind of reminded me to be happy with what I have now. I really do have enough.


Liza said...

Wow, you are brave to try this. I would never even attempt it since I freely admit to being a total shopaholic :) Good luck and you can shop vicariously through me if you want :)

Stephensens Rock said...

Katrina, it's Trav.
I love your goal, and really love your blog. This goal reminds me of something I read about a guy who was trying to simplify his possessions down to 100. Check out his website at http://guynameddave.typepad.com/, I found it very inspiring and set this as one of my goals.