Thursday, January 8, 2009

We did it!....kind of...

One of my goals for my 101 in 1001 was to go on a date night every month with Joe where we get a sitter. (Heidi please refer to the link to get the low down on 101 in 1001).

Well tonight was the first date night where Joe and I left Jordy with a sitter. In preparation for leaving Jordy with someone other than my mom or Trent's family, I did a lot of investigation. I found someone who has three kids of his own, three grandchildren, is an excellent ICU nurse who is up to date on all pediatric emergencies. If anything happened to Jordy, this man would know what to do.

I felt pretty good leaving Jordy with the sitter. Joe wasn't as sure, and nearly broke into tears when we left. Jordy of course was crying and clinging to our legs...

We made it to the movie theatre and apparently I had read the schedule wrong because I thought we were going to watch the Benjamin Button movie, but instead got stuck watching the worst possible movie two parents could watch after leaving their child alone with a practical stranger...."The Changeling".

Incase you haven't heard of it, which I hadn't, this is the terrible tale (true story mind you) of a woman who has her beautiful son kidnapped while she is away from the house for just a few hours. She then embarks on a heart wrenching journey to find him. Finally the police bring back a kid and she hopes it is him, it's not. Then the police think she is crazy, she gets locked up, then released once it is found that there is a crazy maniac who is chopping up little boys into bits. Some of the images were quite disturbing and I thought I would have to leave.

Surprisingly we made it through the movie. Once the final credits ran, Joe and I jumped out of our chairs and made a mad dash back to our apartment to snatch little Jordy up and hug him tight. Of course our sitter wasn't a crazed maniac, but after two hours of watching innocent little boys get brutally murdered and a poor mother screaming "Where's my son"- who wouldn't get a little paranoid.

As I type now I am tempted to go get Jordy out of his bed and snuggle him tight.

Anyways, next month maybe I will find something else for Joe and I to do on our date night! But I will update my list:

7. Once a month date night where Jordy has a sitter. (1/32)


Kameron said...

Kudos for going out, and figuring out the linking!! You get an A for the day!

Heidi said...

Thanks for killing the movie for me!! I wanted to see it! At least you didn't give away the ending!

You have a lot of cool links to websites, like the letterbox thing!

Awww! Jordy bug! I bet after watching that you wanted to race home!

Stephensens Rock said...

Katrina I had wanted to see that movie but after your review, I think not. Congrats on going on a date with Joe sans Jordy! It gets easier for all of you - keep "practicing" : )

Liza said...

Yeah, maybe NOT the best movie for parents out while the kid is with a babysitter ;) Maybe next time you could try something by Disney?! :)