Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Seoul Tower

Yesterday I had a fun day of shopping in Seoul and went to the Seoul tower.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goodbye Pictures!

Last night we had our going away party at work. All my friends from residency will be leaving... Trent is off to Italy, Eric back to Omaha, Travis going all the way upstairs to primary care, Sarlay back to Ohio....

Here is our group pictures with our plaques:

This is the before picture...

and this is after a lot of photoshopping.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Four years ago, I arrived in Omaha Nebraska to start my residency. On day one I met my fellow interns, and if first impressions were correct, it would have been a long three years.

Eric Grajkowski seemed quiet and shy...but I could tell he was smart.

Travis Stephensen seemed a little OCD, taking notes on everything anyone said, asking million of questions. Honestly I nearly killed him due to excessive question asking.

After day one of residency I thought everyone was pretty tolerable...then the next day Trent Elliott arrived. He was loud, cocky, arrogant, and quite honestly I wanted to avoid him as much as possible.

Thank God first impressions aren't always right. Dr. Grajkowski has the greatest sense of humor, with a razor sharp wit. There has been many times when his humorous take on things have kept me from losing my mind. We had a great month working our asses off delivering babies. Then at the end of that month I had the greatest honor being in the OR when his son Elijah was delivered. It was an incredible thing to be at his 3rd birthday party last May.

Dr. Stephensen's OCD nature has inspired me to do my homework and be a more detail oriented person. He has one the greatest minds- always wanting to learn more... I love our philosophical talks about life.

Then there is Dr. Elliott. He annoyed me to no end, but has turned out to be one hell of a guy. He is so kind. Anytime I have needed a favor, a friend to listen to me, anything he is there... Plus has been there for my family. Watching over us and making sure we made it though some tough times. I can never thank him enough for all he has done.

Speaking of families, it has been incredible getting to know Eric's, Travis's, and Trent's families. It was always so funny to hear the wive's take on you guy's!

I didn't have brothers growing up, but now I have three. Moving to Korea was a lot less scary because I knew I would have three smiling faces to meet me there. Now that we are all parting ways, it kills me.

The four of us have travelled an incredible road together; from insecure interns, to full fledged staff doctors. We have comforted each other through the hard times, stuck our brains together for the tough cases, encouraged each other when we just couldn't do it one more day, and appreciated each others effort- no matter how ill guided it may have been.

Every great era must come to an end, and so this is our end. The Offia must part ways.

I just want each of you to know how much you are appreciated in my life, how much I will miss each one of you.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Blog


This is the blog where I will post all my daily pics...Enjoy (or not....)

PT test

After finishing my PT test:
-Sit ups: 48
-Push ups: 25
-1.5 mile run: 13:30

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a night...

Last night was a crazy night...

It figures on the nights that I bring all kinds of fun stuff to do, all the drunks of Korea decide to go out in masses...

As soon as I finished working out, and had showered (thank goodness), we got a 911 call that there was a drunk guy who tried to jump out a second story window. The security forces were able to tackle him to the ground and stop him...otherwise my work would have been much more involved.

Once the medics arrived on scene to get the jumper, there was another patient having a difficulty breathing. They took her back instead. So while I was trying to figure out suffocating girl, jumper showed up...

Once they were all stabilized and I finally sat down to my DVDs of Grey's Anatomy (thanks for the loner Katie), we got another call. The next patient was a female who was out with her husband. Apparently there was a fight, long story short, he punched her in the face. She was hysterical as you can imagine. She had a blood alcohol 3x the legal limit. Once she was sobered up a bit, she admitted to me that he does this regularly. But since she loves him and all that B.S. she won't say a thing...

It is easy to judge a woman like that, but it wasn't that long ago I was in that same situation...okay so it was a long time ago- over 14 years. I thought that he was the one, but really he was just an idiot. After every time things got out of hand, he swore it was the last time- and stupidly I believed it.

So publicly I would like to thank that idiot from High School- you taught me more than anyone else about life. People will lie to your face, take advantage of you, and take what they want. Nobody will stand up for you. You have to do it yourself. That retard showed me that you have to teach people how to treat you. If you allow it to happen, it will.

The other night at work, one of the techs was looking at a picture of my residency class. She told me that I was a success story. My reply was to down play my success. I said I was just "lucky".

Her response floored me... "Well you didn't just trip and fall and wind up a doctor. You had to work at it."

She is right. I did a lot of work. If I had believed idiot from High School, God knows where I would be.

I just hope that girl in the ER realizes she deserves more.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

101 in 1001...

Okay, I have been slacking on this... but since Joe and Jordy are gone, I really have nothing else to do...

I am going to start on my 365 project. This is taking a picture of myself every day for the next year! So I am not clear on all the rules, but to make things interesting (and since it is my own goal- I will make them up as I go).

everyday I will take a picture of myself.
I will post it. although I imagine there may be times when I do a bunch at a time....
Other people can be in the photo to keep it interesting...

Here is photo #1

This is a group of people I work with out at a club.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Only two more months...

My life is punctuated in count downs.... I am forever counting down to something.

But this is the most painful countdown ever....

I have two more months until I get to cuddle my little Jordy again. Two more months until I can snuggle with Joe and watch the Simpsons in bed and laugh at the same jokes we have heard a million times.

I used to be a fully self sufficient adult female human, now I am so lost without my family. I actually went into work tonight b/c I had nothing else to do. I voluntarily saw a patient to pass the time.

Then b/c it is the fourth of July, I watched a few fireworks, ate a slice of apple pie...felt incredibly lonely and then went back to my dorm room. Then I watched Sex and the City.