Friday, January 14, 2011

Vacation Is Wonderful!!

This last week, I had off! And it was just wonderful!

My best friend, Jennifer, came down to visit and meet Baby Claire. After a week of screaming children, temper tantrums, diaper changes, and night terrors, I think she has already scheduled her hysterectomy. She did great though handling all the chaos that is my family!

We started out the week in St. Augustine. Joe started his PT (physical therapy) program there. To save on hotels, I found a hostel called Casa Yallaha, and we all stayed there. I thought it was okay, but Joe nicknamed it Casa No-way-in-hella. It was very clean, but the people there looked like homeless people and kind of reminded him of a house for people just getting out of prison. Everyone was nice enough, and I really enjoyed the experience. It was fun talking with the other guests and hearing about their travels. One guy was riding his bike with a friend from Key West to California!

While Joe was at school, Jenn and I took the kids on the dreaded Red Train. The Red Train is a tour tram that goes through 22 stops through St. Augustine. Jordan loves it and pitches the hugest fit everytime we got off. Jennifer was good sport and tolerated the damn train. We stopped for lunch, and Jennifer drank her weight in beer. After we were juiced up we resumed the train riding. After damn near six hours riding the train, Jordan still wanted more. I could take no more, and Jennifer threatened to jump out of the moving train. We returned to the hostel and then met up with Joe for dinner.

The next day, Jenn and I packed up screaming children and headed for home. I thought that Jordan would drive us all insane asking for the Red Train!

During the week we went on an air boat ride, which was really fun. Jordan saw lots of alligators!

We rounded out the week of fun by all getting sick. Jordan keeps telling us that
his nose is "raining".

I was sad to see Jenn go back home. Hopefully she won't swear off having children due to my temper tantrum terror named Jordan!