Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Playing Catch up

Life with two kids has been chaotic, but wonderful. I am so busy all the time, and hardly get a moment. Now I finally understand why there are always tons of pictures of the first child, and barely any of the second- we are just too busy!

Claire is already four months, weights 14 pounds, and rolls over. She is starting to giggle as well!

Jordan loves jets and planes. We took him to the air show, and he had a great time until they got really loud. Then he cried and insisted on going to "Jordy's House".

Monday, November 1, 2010

Great Weekend!

After a really rough week of Jordan's tantrums, we needed a break. Thankfully I had decided earlier to take Thursday and Friday off, and we went to Sea World on Friday.

The weather was just perfect, Jordan behaved like an angel, the park wasn't too crowded, everything was just perfect....except I forgot the camera!

Jordan loved the kiddy roller coaster, the Shamu Express. I thought it would be a mild ride, but was wrong. Immediately after a slow climb to the top, the ride suddenly banked left, my glasses fell off my head (thankfully I caught them), and from my blurred vision it looked like Jordan was going to fall out of the ride! I grabbed him and he laughed and screamed so hard! As soon as the ride was over he screamed, "More Again, More AGAIN!!!"

So Joe took him at least ten times on that roller coaster, mommy recovered in the shade from the scare of watching her baby fall out of the ride!

We had so much fun, and it was wonderful to just enjoy my little boy again.

Saturday we had a party for my mom's birthday, which was a successful surprise!

Sunday we went to the Air Show. Jordan loved the beginning of it, but was scared to death of the really loud jets. I just felt awful for him as I was holding the baby, who was also shrieking from the loud noise, and saw Jordan drop to the ground into a little ball! I grabbed him and held them both, while they both cried! We left immediately!

But after nap, Jordan seemed to have recovered. He asked again about the big jets...tough kid!

Evening rolled around and Jordan didn't want to wear his costume. I thought he could pass out candy, but when kids started arriving he grabbed his pumpkin bucket and wanted to go. Joe was jumping up and down to go to (he is really just a huge child!). So they both went, in regular clothes, and had a blast! I stayed home with Claire and passed out candy.

Jordan came so proud of his candy bucket! What a cutie!