Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jordy Videos

Another Video!

I realized that I only have videos on here with Jordy having a screaming fit. He really does not cry every second of the day, contrary to what Joe will tell you. Jordy does some really cute tricks. This is his dancing that we call Baby River Dance.

Jenn came out to visit us before we left the country and Jordy warmed up to her pretty quick. He then was always trying to give her Jordy Kisses, which she found gross. We were all jealous with how many Jordy Kisses he gave to her, since he is usually very stingy with them.

We leave on Monday. It will be nice to have everything all done. It is so stressful moving from place to place and not having a regular place for everything.


Kameron said...

Those videos are so cute. Nathan dances that way too. He just stomps his feet really fast and in the car he just moves his head from side to side. It is hillarious to watch. Have a safe trip and good luck with a mobile maniac for that long of a flight...two benedryl!

Anonymous said...

I loved those videos!! And that picture is WAYYY cUTe!

Grandpa said...

I just loved the video with Jordy dancing. Miss that little thing a bunch. Love you kids