Tuesday, September 2, 2008

'Hood workout

In my quest of sexiness, I found a great blog called phit-n-phat. She also has really good videos on youtube about exercise and motivation and stuff. The lady's name is Corinne Crabtree. She used to be a whale, but now is freaking hot! Hopefully someday soon I will be down the path to hotness!

On her videos she talks about the "hood workout". She does a power walk around the neighborhood for 4 minute intervals. The she stops and does "power moves". There are several of these; suicides, push-ups, hopping up on the curb, pop squats, etc. Then after these she resumes walking for another 4 minutes, then repeats.

Joe agreed to go with my on this 'Hood Workout. We started out from my mom's house and got half way down the block when it was time for the first of the power moves. Joe started out doing them, then stopped. He said that the "spectacle factor" was too high. He just kind of walked away from me while I was doing the moves.

We walked all the way to the end of the neighborhood, stopping every 4 minutes. At the end of the block I stopped in one yard to do these, when I heard clapping and hooting coming from one of the houses. Joe was horrified to even be seen with me! He started to walk away.

I really didn't care if I was jeered at or heckeled! I am trying to lose weight not win a coolness contest (which I would lose anyways).

When we got back (after a solid 34 minutes of doing this) Joe explained to my parents what I had been doing. They were also pretty horrified that I would do this outside! So I guess I am on my own next time!

Check out the Phit-n Phat Site, it is really inspirational! http://phit-n-phat.typepad.com/
To see the 'Hood workout look on youtube!


Julie said...

The picture of Jordie asleep on the floor wrapped up is too cute. Good luck with your move. Congratulations on becoming a real doctor! These days I am feeling a bit like a faker. Angio is sucking the life blood out of me. I hate procedures!

Kameron said...

Why is everyone so down on outside exercise? It's not like you are stripping off a piece of clothjing at each stop! Don't people exercise where you live?? :o) I'm going to check it out and possibly start doing it myself. We can be the laughing stocks of our respective neighborhoods and be proud of it!

Corinne said...

Hi! It's Corinne (Phit-N-Phat) and I just wanted to give you a woot-woot for doing the hood workout! Let me tell you, there are PLENTY of people doing these workouts and when you are a hot momma people will be asking you if they can workout with you. :) Love it girl and thanks for linking to me.

Katrina said...

Oh MY GOD! I am so sorry I called you a whale! I had no idea you would ever see this! Thank you so much for your website, it has really inspired me!

Chris Edwards said...

Katrina, you've always been hot and Fran agrees. Your husband is a very lucky man! Exercise all you want and don't worry what other people think. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You got busted out for calling her a whale!! That is priceless! Anyway, I will have to check it out. It would have also been priceless to see the look on Joe's face as you did those exercises. I think I would be to self conscious to do them in public but if you can do it!

Love you!

I swear I will make an account on here soon. I have now read all of your blogs!