Monday, September 1, 2008


If only we could ship Jordy to Korea...that 12 hour plane ride is gonna be a killer!

All the moving was too much for Jordy, he finally crashed in our empty place.

We officially moved out of our place. I was pretty sad to see all of our stuff go. Thank goodness the military does all the work for us. On Friday we had three women come and pack up all of our stuff. They packed the entire house in about 5 hours. Then on Monday three guys came and moved all the stuff out, packed it into a truck, and away it went.

Since then we have been staying at my mom's house. It is really nice to have some extra help with Jordy. He loves grandma and grandpa.

Last week I finished residency!! Hooray, it has been a really long three years... Now that I am a "real" doctor, I am allowed to work for extra money. Over this past weekend I did some moonlighting in rural Nebraska. It was a pretty good deal, 3500 for 48 hours of call. And they let Joe and Jordy and I all stay in a house that the hospital owns. In addition I got a call from one of the staff there asking what kind of food we wanted in the house. When we got there the fridge was stocked with everything I had mentioned. Plus they even got Jordy a birthday present! I couldn't beleive it!

It was a crazy weekend; we flew one guy out with an acute MI, nearly coded one lady (she survived), did surgery on a 20 month old boy, removed a toenail, sewed up a head, knee, and arm.... It was a lot of fun and really confidence building.

I kept hearing all my attendings in my ear "Don't let that diabetic fool you, he's having an MI" Dr. Harrison kept screaming, "Get the ESR and CRP" Dr. Smith said, "She's allowed to have a few seizures with all that dementia" Dr. Malloy said. Dr. Hall looked over my shoulder as I read the EKG and said, "Get this guy out of here!" It really amazed me how much I have absorbed in the few years I have been here. This weekend for the first time I really felt like a competent doctor, I knew I could handle anything they threw my way. For that thank you to all my wonderful attendings and teachers.

We leave for Korea in one week. My best friend Jenn, is coming to visit on Wednesay. It will be fun to have no work or stress for a few days before the packing and chaos begins. I am just pretty anxious to get settled...all this moving around is killing me.