Thursday, September 25, 2008

My first three shift in ER

I just worked three shifts in the ER and just have to say that there are so many whiny patients out there!

I don't think that there was really any true emergencies, just mostly primary care stuff.

There were so many coughs/colds that I wondered if these people have never been sick before. There was one guy who went to his primary care doctor and was told he had a cold two days ago, he then came to me today wondering why he wasn't better.

It was so annoying.... The hard part is that I am too nice...I have a hard time telling them to suck it up. I did give out less get out of work free slips today though. I think I was just sick of having to put up with this shit.

We still haven't found a car yet. I have been looking online and around base and no luck. I have been riding my bike to work and back. It isn't so bad in the morning, but in the afternoon it is all up hill and hot as hell. I arrive home looking like I just jumped out of the sauna- all red in the face and sweaty. Today Joe borrowed our friends car and came and picked me up. I was so glad.

I am supposed to not have to work tomorrow, but there is some training to do so I have to be there anyways...GREAT!! I am so thrilled. I am also supposed to take the test for my drivers license in Korea. Hopefully I will pass...


Kameron said...

Uhh, I can't stand people like that! It seems these days that if they don't leave the doctor with a script for antibiotics they aren't happy! No wonder we have so many antibiotic resistant super bugs running rampant. Ok, enough of my micro ranting, but you get the point. At least it is hot there, it is starting to show hints of fall and soon to be winter here and I am already starting to miss the warmth. Have a great day!