Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Only 364 more days to go...

We survived the journey here. Surprisingly Jordy did really well on the plane. On the long flight from San Francisco to Seoul, we were in the middle seats and no one was in the two seats next to us. We were able to lay Jordy down and let him sleep. Joe and I couldn't sleep though, so uncomfortable!

Once we landed we had a two hour bus ride to the base. We were greeted at the hotel by Trent and Eric, two of the guys I was in residency with. We got signed into the base and got checked into the hotel. Our room is pretty tiny, especially with all our luggage and crap. I was so exhausted from the trip, but as soon as I laid my head down, Jordy was wide awake! Thank goodness Joe took him out to the lobby for several hours to sleep. Poor Joe didn't sleep at all that night...

In the morning I went over to the hospital and got signed in there. They gave me a huge check in sheet of all the places I need to go for inprocessing...I actually had to sit down I was so overwhelmed. I didn't get any of it done yet....

Today we met with the housing office and went and looked at an apartment. It is 1.2 million won (1200 dollars per month). We can move in tomorrow. Negotiating the deal was the scariest thing I have ever done. At one point there were three Korean men yelling at eachother in Korean. I had no idea what was going on. The whole process is very confusing!

This is the living room of our apartment.


The apartment is about a ten minute drive off base. Joe is a little terrified about how far it is. It seems pretty overwhelming when there are no signs in English and crazy drivers everywhere. I hope we get the hang of things. Our car doesn't get here until mid- October, so I guess I will be riding my bike or taking taxis for a while!

This Monday is a Korean holiday, Chusek, kind of like our Thanksgiving. Joe asked our realtor what they ate for the holiday and he said something that sounded suspiciously like dog. Joe tried to clarify what he said and at one point started barking and panting to signify he meant an actual dog. The realtor laughed and assured us it was not a dog, but rather some sort of rice cake... It was really funny!


Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL I would have paid big money to see Joe imitate a dog to you landlord! That is to funny! LOL!

Miss you guys! I hope all is well! Get me your new phone number when you can!


Kameron said...

So, it's been a week. How are you liking it so far? The place looks really nice. :o)