Saturday, November 14, 2009

Victory(s) for this week, and some frustrations too!

1. I got just what I wanted for my birthday, a Roomba. I am sick of sweeping my gigantic downstairs everyday, only to have the dog and Jordy run by two seconds later and ruin it! At least now I don't have to sweep!
2. Joe and I had a wonderful day together this week. We went shopping and watched a movie together, sans Jordy! It was nice to sit and enjoy each others company without chasing a 2 year old...
3. We ate at a new Chinese buffet.
4. I got to spend three days at home with Joe and Jordy this week!

1. The chinese food place was terrible! I hardly could eat anything there! Then we had to pay 30 dollars!! What a waste!
2. Jordy was so difficult today! He spent 3/4 of his day in timeout!
3. I mopped the floor this week. After I was done I was rinsing out the mop and a dead lizard came out of it. I was so disgusted I nearly passed out! I got all light headed and pasty and had to sit down. I just couldn't get the image of me spreading dead lizard all over my floor...ewwww!
4. I stayed home b/c I had the flu. I was home, but felt like hell!


Kameron said...

At least you pulled the bright sid eout of all of the yucky!! Natey is neing quite the butthead right now too! They are in a fun defiant phase. I would wish it to pass soon, but I know it would be a wasted wish!!