Sunday, November 8, 2009

Victory(s) for this week!

1. Jordy completed his first week at daycare. He did really well! He even was taking long naps while he was there. Plus he is drinking out of a cup like a champ now! At home Joe insists on giving him straws b/c Joe hates cleaning spills.
2. Joe took the GRE-He improved a lot, but was 80 points shy of his goal. I am still super proud of him!
3. I completed my first week of real work at the clinic. After being out of primary care for an entire year I was really worried about how much I would remember. But it seems to be coming back pretty quickly!
4. I may be able to finagle my schedule at work so I don't have to go to the 645 PT! It is still in the works...
5. After three weeks of meaning to, I finally got to the grocery store!
6. Joe and I have been doing good on our budget!