Monday, November 16, 2009

Ahhh, the daily grind

So now that the excitement of moving back to the states, getting in our new house, and starting my new job have all wore off what I am left with!

At my last base I was in the ER which is a much better schedule, sure it was 12 hour days, but I only worked 15-18 days per month! Plus somedays I hardly did is just not the same!

So far everyday I get to work around 7AM and am pretty much busy nonstop. Fortunately I am able to make my schedule how I like, and I am taking on a 20 minute lunch so that I can leave early. I get out of there around 3.

For my entire career so far everything has had a time limit on it. During residency all our rotations were one month. In Korea it was only for one year, and that was broken down into months of either days or it is for three years!! THREE YEARS!!

Three years is a lot of of daily drudgery. I need to find stuff to make it more bearable b/c right now I am bored with doing the same crap daily!