Saturday, November 28, 2009

What a week!!!

This week has finally come to an end, and not a moment too soon. Jordy got sick Sunday night and had a high fever. He stayed home from day care all week, which was awful for Joe since he is trying to study for his test, which is one week away. Jordan was incredibly whiny and clingy, and couldn't be put down for a moment. No matter what we gave him, nothing would bring down his fever. By Tuesday, I was sick too. After work I just went straight to bed. Joe was exhausted from 24 hour Jordan whining. I was literally no help!

Tuesday we took Jordan to the pediatrician. He gave him some antibiotics, for what I don't know. He never really said. I think the pediatricians just hand out amoxicillin. Anyways we are giving it to him.

Thanksgiving Joe and I were both exhausted. I did manage to cook a turkey, but d/t the plague Jordan had given us, neither Joe or I could eat very much! Most of the turkey is still in the fridge. I get a little nauseated just thinking about turkey. Funny but the only thing that I have been able to eat since I got sick is fast food! I swear I am going to gain 50 pounds by the time I recover.

Because we were both sick and caring for the whiniest kid on the planet, all housework was completely neglected. I swear every dish in our house was filthy! I spent over an hour doing dishes...and I am still not done. Laundry piled up....clutter and dirty tissues everywhere...oh it wasn' pretty!

Jordan has fully recovered, I am halfway back to normal, but Joe the sickest now. On Monday I am flying to San Antonio for the week for a class. I feel awful having to leave Joe the week of his test! Thank goodness my mom is out here to help out.