Saturday, February 28, 2009

Buy Nothing for Two Months- Conclusion

One of my goals in the 101 in 1001 was to buy nothing for myself for two months. The other day one of my friends as why I was doing this. My answer was gratitude.

I found myself constantly wanting more. More clothes, more scrapbooking supplies, more movies, more, more, more. It didn't matter that I have a closet stuffed full of clothes, tons of scrapbooking supplies, thousands of movies, it wasn't enough. My only past time was shopping. Whenever I leave the house I always return with more stuff. In fact buying stuff was the only thing I could think to do on my day off.

For two months I wanted to not buy anything for myself so that I would realize how good I have it. I wanted to be appreciate the things that I have. Just because I don't have all the latest designer clothes or top of the line things, Joe and I live pretty comfortably and at times

I just wanted to force myself to appreciate my life.

The media does such a good job of telling us that we need more and that our lives will be so much better if we just get the latest and greatest products. It can be really convincing. For two months I wanted to stage my own private strike against them by buying nothing. For two
months I lived without believing that I would be a better person, be happier, be loved more, be more popular, be more fulfilled, be a better parent, be a harder worker...if I only had _____ product.

So how did it go? To be honest, the first month was a little depressing. As sad as it sounds, I actually do get a little happier when I buy new things. I look forward to getting home and playing with my new purchase just like a kid would when they get a new toy. But that happiness never really lasts long. So for the first month there were no little happy moments as I brought nothing home. Instead my life seemed a little monotonous; go to work, come home, go to work, come home.

About midway through I started to pick up my hobbies again to fill in the time. I got all my scrapbooking stuff out and made a few layouts. I emailed more often. I cleaned. I cooked a lot. I went to the gym, but only once- I should have gone a lot more. I dug in the back of my closet to find clothes I hadn't worn in a long time. In fact I found two sweaters I forgot all about!

By the end of the second month there were actually things that I needed! I desperately needed to color my hair. One morning when I pulled my hair into a pony tail, there was a gray straggler sticking straight up along my part! So I did break down and buy some hair color b/c I didn't want to pay to have someone color it.

I did cheat twice, once I bought myself a People magazine and the other time I bought some lotion that I really didn't need. Old habits die hard...

Overall I am glad that I did it, but more glad it is over!


Kameron said...

Do they still have that red dress you had your eye on at VS?? Sorry, I shouldn't be an enabler!!

Stephensens Rock said...

Way to go Katrina! It will be interesting to see how you keep to your budget for March since you are now able to buy things for yourself again :) At least you have your tax return to look forward to :)

angela said...

Check this out, Katrina:
I love shopping too, and it totally made me rethink it (though I do lapse all of the time). I think it's really relevant in today's economy especially. Hope you are all well. Jordy is getting huge and beautiful! We miss you guys!