Saturday, February 28, 2009

Adventure to Coex Mall

Jordan dressed & ready to go!

Joe and I were getting pretty sick of the same old, same old. So we decided (actually I decided, and Joe accomodated) that we needed to break out of our little circle of comfort. I had heard that there was a huge mall in Seoul that had an aquarium. I imagined the Aquarium of the Pacific, which is a huge beautiful aquarium on Long Beach and thought Jordan would love it. So I found the coordinates on Wikepedia, put those into the GPS, and off we went.

The entire trip should have taken about 45 minutes driving time, but in Korea there is always so much traffic, we were in the car for two hours on the way there. In fact the top speed we reached was 25! The traffic was so bad, there were actually people selling snacks in the middle of traffic! Shockingly, people were actually buying them!

The guy infront of our car was selling snacks in the middle of traffic!

We finally made it to the aquarium, and all my hopes of a relaxing day lazily walking along looking at fish were smashed to bits! The place was so crowded! There were people bumping in to us in all directions. We couldn't get near the aquariums, which were basically nothing more than an aquarium someone would have at their house. There were a few larger ones, but not anything like what I was expecting.

There are Joe and Jordy looking at fish. This is the best picture I could get of them! Notice the lovely couple in the foreground with no regard for some one trying to take a picture!

Eventually Joe and I could stand no more! The place was roasting hot and we were both sweating, Jordy was screaming from being constantly bumped into. He started to pull anyone's hair that got to close! We found an emergency exit and used it....

Only that emergency exit led to a stair well that had all doors locked...we had to climb 4 flights of stairs (with a stroller) to get out. We finally made it out to an exterior door that dumped us on the street. We had no idea where we were...

We wandered around until we found a convention center that we thought connected to the mall. Jordan wanted to go up this escalator, so Joe took him up, then right back down...

In the mall we ate at a Japanese resteraunt. Joe had sushi and I had some tempura. I tried the sushi, but it had so much wasabi I couldn't stand it!

By the time we made it back home (another 2 hours in traffic), I was exhausted! I got right into bed and stayed there!


Grandpa said...

Sure sounds like a fun day.

Heidi said...

pulling peoples hair! LOL!

Sounds like good times!

Kameron said...

Look at his hair!! He is looking like such a boy instead of a baby. I will miss it when Nate turns two!

I bet you can't wait to get back to the states!! That day sounds like road rage waiting to happen!