Thursday, December 18, 2008

Parenting is NOT for the faint of heart

Today I was at work when I got a panicked call from Joe wondering if
he should come into the ER for evaluation.

Apparently there had been an incident at home.

Last night we had enchiladas with homemade salsa for dinner. Little
Jordykins really likes to eat tortilla chips just barely dipped in the
salsa. The only problem is he doesn't really understand how to hold
onto the chip. After a few nibbles, he crushes it in his hands. The
end result is tortilla chip crumbs sprinkled all around our house.

Jordy then likes to pick up the tortilla chips, suck on them until they
are soggy, then force feed them to either Joe or I. He is pretty
relentless in his forcefeeding. He will keep jamming it in your face
until you finally succumb to the soggy chip feeding.

Well, today Joe was watching tv and Jordy was eating one of the chips,
sucking the life out of it apparently. Then Jordy crawled up on the
couch next to Joe and began to force feed it to him. Since Joe was in
the middle of something on the tv, Laker game maybe?, he just opened
his mouth and welcomed the soggy chip....only it wasn't a chip.

Immediately Joe sensed it was something quite different.... POOP!

Jordy had somehow gotten a pebble of his poop, sucked on it till it was
good and mushy, then jammed it in Joe's mouth!

Joe immediately began spitting and wiping his mouth and shouting.

Jordy thought this was great and began smiling, laughing, and applauding in

When I asked how Jordy was doing, Joe informed me that he had no idea
as he had been brushing his teeth for the last thirty minutes.

He checked on Jordy, and he was fine watching tv. Joe, however, will be
permanently traumatized.


Kameron said...

Oh no! That will teach him to pay attention huh?? :o)

Oh the link thing: when you want to link to a post click on that post and then copy the url in your browser bar.

For example I clicked on your "I'm doing my part" post and here is the url I copied from the browser:

Go back to the post you were writing in and highlight whatever word you wish for people to click on to return to that old post. When the word (or words) are highlighted click on the button in the posting header that looks like a mini world with a paperclip on it (that's what I think it looks like anyway). In the URL box, paste what you copied (the url to the post). It will turn into a link to that old post.

Check out my post from today where I linked to my post of Natey last Christmas. Let me know if that makes sense.

Just Phebes said...

That I find, very funny! haha!
Apologies to Joe for laughing out loud.

Just Phebes said...

That I find, very funny! haha!
Apologies to Joe for laughing out loud.