Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm doing my part...

I keep hearing that the key to economic turn around is consumers. To support this goal I have bought several items in the past few weeks- okay, okay, I bought it all because I wanted it (please see previous post on my consumerism)

Video games have never really been that interesting to me until a few weeks ago when I heard about a game on the Wii. So while in Hawaii, I found the game and broke down and bought the Wii and all the accessories I needed. I love it! What is the game you ask? Well it is a little is All Star Cheer Squad! I love it! It is so much fun! My inner cheerleader is busting out! Tonight I made it through the tryouts, and yes I did make the squad!!

I was interested in the Wii Fit, but haven't been able to find a balance board here in Korea. I keep checking at the base, but no dice yet. Joe got me a similar game, it is the Personal Trainer. Tonight I did the first workout on it, and it was pretty good! It tracks your progress and adjusts to your fitness goals. Hopefully it will help me not become a flabby mess!

Speaking of flabby messes- I do remember my promise to post a sexy picture of myself in Hawaii...and plan to make good on that promise. I will post them as soon as my dad sends me the pics.


Kameron said...

I want a Wii too!! You know you can link to your past post, right? If you don't know how, let me know and I'll tell ya!

Heidi said...

The wii fit is a blast to play with! For Christmas Josh bought me a new workout game that makes you go through a personalized profile that includes testing your resting heart rate and heart rate after exercising. I think it nearly killed him, but I have some great photos. LOL!