Monday, December 22, 2008

Another day...

Jordy one year ago!

Today was another day at work. Nothing much exciting happened. Nothing remarkable. It just kind of drug on and on.

It made me really want to get the hell out of this freezing cold country (although Omaha isn't any warmer). I am so excited to get to Florida. Everday I spend hours and hours looking at houses for sale on and get excited to have more than two outlets in my kitchen, have a garbage disposal, a washer AND a dryer, normal trash service... OOOHHH the day!

I miss my mom and dad. It was so nice seeing them in Hawaii. Jordy loved all the extra attention.

Christmas is in three days! I have given Joe most of his presents already, there isn't a lot left for him to open on Christmas. We did get Jordy a pretty cool gift, but I admit that it was mostly for us rather than him. I will post pics of it soon!

Joe has started tutoring people at my work. One of the nurses needed help with Organic Chemistry so he agreed to help her. Then people started coming out of the woodwork needing tutoring. Hopefully it will support his pretty serious video game habit! Additionally I am starting to really enjoy the Wii! So much fun! It is pretty addictive!


Kameron said...

That picture of Jordy is so freakin cute! Is there Santa in S. Korea? Oh that would be a sight to see. :o)

Kameron said...

Oh, and thank you so much for giving me the gift of your comment about my mom. It brought tears to my eyes. I love hearing things like that from people since it brings back who my mom was and makes me smile even through the tears!