Friday, November 21, 2008

Want, Want, Want

I am always wanting...

I would like to be one of those really frugal people, that can live on practically nothing. Certainly you know the type. Those are the people who only shop at the goodwill and are perfectly satisfied with their one pair of pants, and one shirt they have in the closet. They don't seem to care about the newest trends or new technology. The television they watch is an archaic throw back to the 1950's, but it works for them and they are perfectly happy with it. Cable tv? Never even thought about it, bunny ears will do just fine.

They are the type of people who don't want stuff b/c your stuff ends up owning you. I remember when I was in Jr. High we moved to a new house. My dad was so paranoid to "leave the house alone". One day while he and my mom were out, I also left the house. So for a period of about 4 hours not a soul was home. My poor dad was furious and thought that a team of crooks were waiting to ambush the house. Thankfully nothing was stolen.

From that day I remember thinking I wanted to be the complete opposite. I would not let my stuff control what I do, where I go, and in general run my life. My life would not been spent in the acquisition of useless junk. My main pasttime is shopping. There are so many things that I want right now it is ridiculous. Somehow I find more and more stuff that I NEED!

I wear uniforms to work everyday, but that doesn't stop me from wanting all kinds of clothes. I want a new watch that will monitor my heart rate and caloric expenditure. I want new furniture for Jordy's room because I feel guilty he is still sleeping in a pack-n-play since we got to Korea. I want new sheets b/c I accidently got bleach on my favorite set and now they look bad. I want, I want, I want.

It is really depressing to me that I want all of this stuff. I am proud though that I am able to control myself (most of the time) and not buy everything in sight. Joe makes it even harder by constantly saying, "You deserve it honey, you work so hard". Who could resist that?

Thankfully I don't let the stuff run my life. If someone came in here and robbed us blind, I would definitely recover- plus then I would be able to go shopping for more stuff. Come to think of it maybe we should leave our doors unlooked....


Kameron said...

Maybe they would steal all of the stuff in your "rotter" drawer too and save you from having to throw it all out!!

Katrina said...

Possibly- the Korean national food is rotten cabbage- Kimchi! Maybe they would enjoy all my rotten produce!