Thursday, November 13, 2008

Waste Report

Well this week I didn't do much better. Partly b/c last week I didn't clean out the crisper, which many years ago my dad renamed, "The Rotter". Unfortunately it's tendency to rot food has carried onto my household as well.

Pictured here you will see all my good intentions of eating good. I full intended on eating celery sticks (bottom right of picture), salads (which I actually had a few as evidenced by the partially eaten lettuce). I planned on eating cucumbers with my salads, but forgot they were there...

I accidently bought too much cilantro for a recipe and meant to make some salsa with it...but forgot. This one really pisses me off since at the commissary cilatro is 2.50 a bunch!! In the states we got 3 bunches for a dollar!

In the back of the photo is a tv dinner for babies that Jordy would spit out everytime we forced him to take a bite.

There is also a jug of some Korean drink that I thought was aloe morning- not the same. It is "Be Original" and is not quite as yummy as the Aloe Morning. The Aloe Morning has a yummy tropical flavor and tastes like the carribean (if you can imagine that).

Anyways, I can't add up how much all this waste has cost me this week. Partly b/c I just polished off a bottle of wine and no longer have the ability to add two numbers together. Also b/c sadly, this picture does not detail all the waste we actually incurred. Today I tried to make a salad out of some lettuce that looked okay in the bag, but when I got it out it was pretty slimy :(

For my birthday I asked Joe for Quicken. Being the wonderful husband that he is, he got it for me instantly. I have been learning how to use it. It is harder than I thought. My friend at work has a genius wife who is a financial wizard. Katie is helping me get my finances in order and become a responsible money manager. She actually tracks every penny they have and has a yearly budget! I don't know how she does it! Maybe someday I will actually know how much money is in my bank account at any given time. Interestingly enough, she did suggest the "envelope system" until we get the hang of it! Joe and I rolled laughing explaining that Joe's mom LOVES the envelopes!

I will keep you posted on the evolution of the budget and the waste report...


kindra said...

Don't you hate that!!! I always buy things with the intention to eat healthy and all and then I forget I bought it and alas, I clean out the fridge on Thursdays (the day before trash day) and I find rotting produce. I love that your dad calls it the rotter...classic!! I think we can all relate.

Kameron said...

It is so hard to not waste, especially veggies! I hate it! Hope we both improve!

Jack said...

Hi Baby, I'm glad to hear the term "Rotter" is still alive. As soon as food goes in it, it is forgotten until a strange smell happens when you open the fridgr.