Sunday, November 9, 2008

My baby boy...getting so big so fast!

It has been a while since I have written much about the ever changing Jordy.

He is now 14 months old. I think he is about 28lbs (just a guess though as I don't own a scale). He is getting really tall and can take things off of our table, and on his tip toes can take things off the kitchen counter. Most of the time when he pulls things off the kitchen counter it is disastrous- pulling down plates of food or sharp knives. Luckily we have had no casualties yet.

Jordy has three teeth!! I know, I know it is a miracle! About three weeks ago he started to get his lower left front tooth, then the top front two popped out. Poor guy has been miserable. I think that all his teeth are gonna pop out now pretty quick. I am amazed he made it this long with no teeth. Actually I was started to get a little worried as his little cousin Isabella practically has a full set of choppers- including molars!

Jordy still isn't a big talker. He says Bye-Bye with a wave. A few times he has said hi, but not too often. He says momma and dada. But despite the endless babble that comes out of his mouth, no other actual words.

He really enjoys pushing buttons. Our dishwasher makes all kinds of fun noises with every button push. He keeps turning on the dishwasher to all these crazy cycles.

Joe and I are constantly being stalked by Jordy holding up books. He loves to be read to, but doesn't have the attention span to make it through the entire book (all 3-4 pages of a board book!).

He loves when Joe does his crazy scream. Jordy will stop whatever he is doing and just let out a big hearty laugh. It is adorable. Whenever he does this in public (the laugh, not Joe's scream) everyone smiles and laughs with him.

His favorite food is by far hot dogs. He sees us making one and he goes bezerk! He screams until he is served the whole thing. Then he dives in with both hands shoveling little hot dog bits into his mouth! For a while he loved grapes, but that obsession had died down a bit. Chocolate is another favorite, but we don't give him too much of that.


Kameron said...

Wow, only 3 teeth huh?? Natey has 12 (including 4 molars)! It is so funny that they even establish "ranges" for kid's development. Every kid moves at their own pace. They do love buttons huh?? I have had to turn off the washing machine several times in mid cycle with no clothes in it!