Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things that are on my mind...

Things I am really happy about right now:

  • My little Jordy, he is so cute! He learns so much everyday and is starting to really talk more. He says Hi and Bye accompanied by a wave.
  • My Job. I really enjoy it, except for the night shift...I love the guys that I work with- we have a lot of fun together. Eric, Travis, and Trent have become like brothers to me. I really feel lucky to have them as friends, and privileged that I get to know their families too!
  • Getting to go to Hawaii and see my mom & dad & Jenn & Adam next month.
  • Joe & I are getting our finances together. We actually have a spending plan!
  • Being married. I love coming home to Joe everyday. After 7 years of marriage and 9 years together, I can't believe that we still get along so well! I am so glad that I said, "I do".

Things I am excited about:
  • Moving to Florida and getting a house with a yard. I want to start gardening and can't wait to get Pezzy (my little schnauzer) back.
  • Having a garbage disposal again! Having more than two outlets in the kitchen. Having a regular heating system- here the heat comes from the floor! Getting a bed that doesn't feel like a rock.
  • I can't wait to have another baby. Joe is not sure that we can handle another little terror, but I am ready!
  • Passing boards next month (hopefully).

Things that I am worried about:
  • Boards. I take the big test in two weeks. I really haven't studied as much as I should. It is hard to study since I feel like nothing I will study will actually be on the test!
Things I am sad about:
  • Being so far away from our families. It is hard to be away and miss so much. I miss hearing all the news from everyone.
  • Not talking to Heidi, my sister, often enough. She has been so busy that she never calls me anymore...
  • Not reaching my sexy goal, AKA Operation Stork Attack. I wanted to be sexy in Hawaii, but I think that people will think I am a land cow when I get there. I full intended on working out regularly, but that kind of fell apart once we got to Korea. It was really hard to go to the gym here. I just feel really bad coming home and then leaving Joe again to go to the gym. I tried to do some work out videos at home, but wasn't very dedicated. In a way I did reach my goal- I am back to my pre-prego weight, but it looks nothing like it used to :( Much more jiggly :( Joe and I have decided to shoot for a new goal- be as fat as we can in Hawaii. To kick of this goal we have eaten like pigs today. I made a pumpkin cheesecake with a pound of butter and 4, yes 4, packages of full fat cream cheese. In addition to a slice of this, Joe also ate a small tub of Ben and Jerry's. We are well on our way to fatdom...
  • Jordy growing up so fast. I want to savor every moment with him. The other day I was at work and I called Joe to see what he was up to. Joe was putting Jordy into his "jammies" and getting ready for bed. I was so sad that I was missing everything. I do enjoy my job, but really want to be here to take care of Jordy.