Saturday, August 23, 2008

The movers came!

On Friday bright and early, the movers came and packed up all of our stuff...and even some stuff we didn't want to be packed. I left some of Jordy's clothes out, they got packed. Joe left some DVDs, they got packed. I took a shower after they left and realized I had no towel...I blotted myself dry with one of Jordy's bibs.

Earlier in the week we drove down to St. Louis and dropped our car off to the shipping place. It should arrive in South Korea on October 20th. That is a long time with no car! At least it is warm weather, so I won't be hiking back and forth to work in the snow! The drive down to St. Louis wasn't too bad, we used my dad's Magellan. It was nice to not have to navigate. But when we were driving to our hotel, it randomly announced in the middle of some street that "You have arrived." There was no hotel in sight. Luckily we were able to spot it about two miles down the road.

While we were in St. Louis getting gas, Joe saw some guy putting a gun into the trashcan. He jumped in the car all freaked out demanding that I drive away fast- I interrogated him right there as to what we getting away from. He told me I suck as a getaway driver

As if this whole week wasn't stressful enough, I had surgery today. I had a little mass on my right cheek, just under the skin (pre-auricular mass, likely a parotid tumor). It had been there for years, and I never worried about it. Then I told one of the attendings at work about it, and she sent me right away to ENT. He said that the natural history of these things is for them to be stable in size for years, then suddenly increase drastically in size, turn into cancer, etc. So he thought, and I agreed, that it needed to come out.

The procedure didn't take long. I came home wearing a huge pressure dressing over my right ear. I seriously look like I am trying to direct air traffic. It really hurts having my ear mashed down so hard. I have to go back tomorrow, and have my ear muff removed, and the drain underneath it. I was really worried that I would have a huge scar on my cheek, but my ENT guy is also a board certified plastic surgeon so hopefully it will turn out pretty!

This next week will also be a busy one. Monday they come and take away all the boxes. Then this week is my last week of clinic. I am working at a ER in rural Nebraska Saturday and Sunday. Then Jenn comes next week! Also my little man will turn 1. I can't believe it!