Friday, August 15, 2008

7 days and counting...

Only 7 days until the movers come to pack up all of our stuff. Even Jordy is feeling the heat.

I am feeling so overwhelmed. I keep coming up with more stuff that I can't live without for the next year....what about the shampoo that I have been stockpiling for the last three years, my heating pad, my wok- yes I know I haven't used it in the last three years, but we will be in Korea. Maybe I will need to make stir-fry while we are there. You just can never be too prepared.

Since the movers already took the stuff that will go to Korea, the movers coming next week will be moving all this stuff to storage. So literally, we will not be seeing it for one year!

Joe seems surprisingly calm. Blissfully playing on his PSP....if he could only catch a glipse of the inner workings of my mind, he wouldn't sleep for the next month!

I am to the point of stress level that I can not concentrate on any task. While I am at work listening to whiny patients I am really thinking about how we have to drive to St. Louis on Wednesday and drop the car off to be shipped to Korea. While I am on the phone coordinating this drive to St. Louis I am thinking about what I will need for my moonlighting shift in rural Nebraska....I can hardly fall asleep b/c my mind is racing in circles about stuff that needs to be done. It is a endless circle. I just need to stop!

My sister was supposed to come up and see us, but then wasn't able to get the time off of work. Then with the car needing to go to St. Louis I thought we would be able to see her there, since she is working there now. But turns out she will not be in town anytime in the next month, and infact got a new job in Kentucky, so getting to spend time with her is a negatory. I guess that she will not get to see our little monster unti he is in his terrible twos, and she will really wonder what on earth we were thinking when we had kids!

To be honest I am a little glad to be leaving this base. It is so lonely without the rest of my classmates here. It is almost like I am invisible at work. Our program director even took me off of his email list, so I don't get any of the group emails. I am constantly lost and hearing stuff through the grapevine.

Hearing the guys in Korea talk about how sweet our jobs will be is pretty exciting. We (Trent, Travis, Eric, & me) will all be working in the ER together! Allegedly we only work 3 twelve hour shifts per week. It sounds too good to be true! I will wait and see before I get too excited...