Monday, June 30, 2008

Just a few family pics!

While we are on the topic I wish to share with everyone the trauma we go through to get a good pictures:

First I come up with the idea that we should take pictures. Then Joe dreads every moment. Then I call my dad who says he wants to take pictures. Then I pick out outfits for everyone, to which Joe wrinkles his nose. He then goes into a tantrum declaring that he will only sit for pictures for one hour. He also tells me if anyone says anything about how he smiles (which looks like a second grade picture) he is done.

My dad comes over and I explain the rules. He takes this for an open invitation to harass Joe about his smiling. Joe is mad, I am mad, Jordy is crabby...

It is humid and I am sweating buckets.

We didn't get the perfect picture, but a few are okay...


Jack said...

Hi Ya Hunny's
Just wanted to say that I enjoyed shooting the pics. There are several that look pretty good to me.
Love You Kids,