Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beautiful View...

On Tuesday night I saw the most beautiful sight I have seen in a long time,
Valentine in my rear view mirror!!

Finally our two month rotation out there came to an end. I was thrilled to come home.

Overall the rotation was really good. The staff at the hospital was great, the patients very nice, the town very pretty. I did learn quite a bit, and feel a lot more confident working on my own.

But there is no place like home! I was so sick of going back and forth between Omaha and Valentine. I would always forget something in one place or the other. Jordy was hurting himself constantly b/c the floor was cement with a thin layer of carpet. And Joe was convinced that something was wrong with the apartment b/c he was constantly exhausted while we were there. The last night we were there i thought I smelt gas...

Here are some pics of our time there, including a secret trip to Mt. Rushmore...Shhh!! Future President: Jordan Carter Negroni