Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I am at work this morning, an hour late! The power went out yesterday, and I think when I set my alarm I set it for PM....ARRGGGHHH!
So while perusing the internet, because I only had one patient this morning, I came across Bento.
Apparently Bento is a japanese style of boxed lunches. The goal is to make the lunch as beautiful as possible. I found this girls website where she photographs her lunches- above is her "spa bento". I thought it was amazing!
For a moment I began to look at bento boxes and make all sorts of plans of how I could do this...then I thought- who the hell has this kind of time! This woman probably took upwards of an hour strategically cutting cheese into shapes and dying rice blue and mayonaise green!
I subscribe to the lunch strategy "If it stays still long enough, eat it". While I do appreciate their efforts to create a beautiful dining experience, these bento people obviously need to get out of the kitchen and do something more beneficial!


Anonymous said...

OMG, who has this kind of time??!??