Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jordan Turns 3

This past weekend my little boy turned 3.

I can't believe how much he has changed, how fast the time has gone by, and most of all how much I love that little boy.

My whole world revolves around my kids! Jordan is an amazing little guy. He has changed so much in the past year.
- He started out at age 2 barely speaking, to being a chatterbox now.

-He loves dinosaurs, trains, anything with wheels, and baby sister!

-He is very sensitive and oohhhhsss and ahhhsss over tender moments on tv.

-He loves ice cream and keeps getting it out of the freezer and bringing it to us to get him some.

- He just moved up to the preschool class and loves it!

-He still doesn't sleep through the night, in fact baby sister sleeps much better than he does!

-He is very strong willed! He likes to do things his way.

-He can count to 12 and knows most of the abc's. Pretty amazing for a kid that hardly spoke 5 words six months ago!

-He has me wrapped around his little finger!

His birthday party was fun. Jordan didn't understand why all kinds of people were in our house and screamed bloody murder when we sang to him! It was cute and thankfully I got it all on video!


Kameron said...

Happy Birthday to Jordy!! Oh and by the way, you look great already!!! I still need to get the last 10 pounds I've been holdin onto off of me and A is 9 months already!