Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy Day

Today was Sunday, usually a kind of lazy day....but not today. Jordan was up at 6:30, and I was up with him. We went downstairs and had breakfast, then right outside to weed the garden. I also harvested some compost from my worm farm!

Then we headed back inside to start cooking. I made some pizza pockets, which I leave uncooked and Joe cooks for lunches through the week. I also made about 40 waffles for the freezer as well. I got this idea a few years ago from my friend Jennifer (thanks Jenn). These are great for the morning, just pop them in the toaster like Eggos! Much cheaper, and less calories and no preservatives! I also made some refried beans, and another batch of yogurt.

Meanwhile I also had several loads of laundry going.

Eventually Joe got up (he likes to sleep in!) and we mowed the lawn. I did most of the backyard, he did the front yard.

After roasting outside in the yard, Jordan and I took a nap. After nap I ran to the store to get some more diapers (Jordan will never be potty trained!) and some milk. Then I picked up Pez from the groomers, and finally headed home.

I am beat!


Kameron said...

Everything is more exhausting when you're growing a person too! Glad you had a productive day. How are you feeling?