Monday, April 26, 2010

The Worm Farm

One of my goals has been to start composting. I finally did it!

Not only did I make a rubbish pile in the back yard for yard waste, but I also got the stuff for a worm farm.

Originally I saw the "Can of Worms" on the Oprah show when Julia Roberts was on there talking about her worms. Initially I was interested, but that was several years ago while we were living in, well actually I don't remember where the hell we were.... we have moved too many times! Joe wasn't thrilled about the idea of a worm bin in the house.

So I put the idea aside, but kept wanting one. They seemed to be so helpful, and if Julia and Oprah endorsed it, how could I go wrong!!

Well I finally I saw the Can of Worms at a garden show that I went to. I was so impressed by the entire worm composting that I needed to get one. The lady at the show was charging almost double the cost of what I had seen on amazon, plus she wanted over 45 dollars for a pound of worms! So I waited and ordered online.

I found the Worm Factory for much cheaper than the "Can of Worms", and it is the same thing, with a square design.

Joe was sweet enough to find me a lady in our area who sells worms. We got a pound of the red wigglers for 20 dollars. With the Factory and the worms, I was ready to start composting.

I set the entire thing up in our laundry room. Joe was really concerned about it smelling, but there really isn't any! The worms are busy eating all of our household food scraps, so I don't feel as bad throwing food away- it is making compost! It is neat (and a bit gross) to open the layers and see them squirming all over the place!


Kameron said...

We started composting for our garden too. We got one of those big rotating barrels for the yard. we employ Nate, the "worm hunter" to dig around the back yard and find worms for us to toss in it!