Saturday, April 17, 2010

All kinds of badness

I haven't written anything in a bit...things have been rough.

I have been just so exhausted lately, and sometimes literally will come home from work and go straight to bed! Being pregnant, working full time, and having a 2 year old were to blame... or so I thought. Turns out I am really anemic, with my hemoglobin (RBC count) below 9! Normal should be up around 12.

So yesterday I started taking iron. Hopefully it won't take long till I start to feel better. But unfortunately that wasn't the only bad news the OB had to tell me. She also said that I failed my glucose tolerance test. I have to go back next week to do the 3 hour one. I am freaking out that I am gonna be diabetic, not only for this pregnancy but later in life too. The risk of diabetes goes way up in women who are gestational diabetic...bad news :(

At work I refer tons of people to a certain Imaging Center to get mammograms and bone density screenings done. When the rep came by and saw that I was pregnant she offered to set me up with a free 3D ultrasound! Joe and I went and got to see amazing pictures of our little girl! (yes they once again confirmed it was a girl, I was really worried it had grown a penis!) We got to get some pictures too (which are too technically difficult for me to post here....sorry!)

I was really excited about the entire thing, until I told my OB doctor about it. She was pretty mad about the whole thing! She said there is some study out that prolonged 3D imaging can be harmful to the baby! I feel just terrible now, and stupid that I didn't know about the study and possibly put the baby at risk.

The other really crappy thing that happened involves our rental property. We currently have great renters in there. They have been there for two years and always pay rent on time, no problems what so ever. We found someone who was interested in buying the place, so I got all excited that we may be able to sell. Then the lady changed her mind. Well at least we still had our renters...nope! They will be moving in August! So now we have no buyers, no renters, nada!
Oh the stress. Our property manager is working on finding some new renters....

So that was my week...all kinds of badness...


Jennifer said...

Good grief! You're plate is MORE than full! I hope the diabetic tests come out ok...maybe the anemia is effecting that test???
I think your OB is out of line:
1)How many studies have been done!?! We see studies all the time, that ultimately have no bearing.
2) Why scare you with something like that...are you going to have several of these 3D things? NO.
3) Your not an OB specialty, why would you have read some obscure study!?!
I've seen those 3D baby pictures...they are amazing! What did Jordan think?

Kameron said...

I agree that she might have gone a little overboard. You said "extended 3D imaging", so how long is extended?? It's not like you will be having several of them. I think they are fine. Hope you start feeling better once your iron gets up. Feeling run down and chasing a toddler sucks!