Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Outcome of Fight Back Challenge

Well, sadly I lost my battle of the Nebraska taxes. I went to the on base tax center and they took a look at what happened. Somehow Turbo Tax calculated my taxes for Nebraska as if I was not a resident of Nebraska at all. So much to my dismay, I won't be due another 2,000 dollars like I wanted!

But I did not take this loss in stride....I vowed to figure out a way to fight someone! Instead of the Nebraska taxes, we are taking on our home phone. We hardly use the darned thing, but I really insist upon having one since I don't always keep my cell phone on me. Plus for emergency purposes I like to know where I can get to a phone that will get me to someone immediately. With a cell phone I never know where it is.

Right now we have Vonage, which I am very happy with. But my mom has something called a Magic Jack, that is 40 dollars for two years! We almost pay that much for one month of Vonage! I am sending Joe tomorrow to get the Magic Jack.

In addition we are considering switching from our local cable company, to satellite. I think it will be cheaper, I am just concerned about installation fees and such. We need to sit down and figure all that out and if it would indeed be cheaper.

One money saving thing I did this week was make Homeade Yogurt. It turned out okay, just a little runnier than I had hoped. I will experiment and get it just right! There are several reasons I wanted to make my own yogurt. First my version will have much less sugar in it than the store bought. Plus it is much much cheaper! And there are no plastic cups to end up in the landfills since I put them in reusable containers.

I will keep you all updated on my Fight Back!


Adam and Sariah said...

Hey, I came to catch up on you guys and found out you are pregnant! CONGRATS! And a little girl! How fun for all of you. How is Florida treating you? We are in GA only about 30 min. from the FL border. Anyway, wanted to say hi and tell you congrats. Can't wait to see your new addition.

Scott said...

Wow. It scares me to say this but I barely recognize you, must be the glasses. Beautiful family though! Garden's and kids are a great combo, we do the same thing. Now I've contacted you three different ways in one day, does that make up for almost 15 years of being MIA? Very cool blog, wish I had you skills. Peace.