Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vacation, temper tantrums, and family drama

Joe on Bourbon Street

Joe ate a raw oyster, I played the pregnancy card (no raw foods!)

Eric, Roger, Brad, and me (guys from residency)

These last few weeks have been a whirl wind of activity. I had a military training/conference thing to go to in New Orleans. Being as this is probably one of the last times Joe and I will have to go on vacation before the new baby arrives, we decided to leave Jordan at home!

We went to New Orleans and had a wonderful time. Half of my residency class was there! It was great to see them again. We had so much fun catching up and comparing life after residency. Most of the days I was done with my lectures before 12, so Joe and I would hit the town! We were right in the French Quarter so we were within walking distance of everything. Every lunch and dinner we went out of incredible meals. I actually gained 6 pounds in five days! I was an eating machine!

Some of the days Joe was feeling pretty down because he missed Jordan so much. We saw him on skype every night. Charis did an incredible job taking care of him! My mom also watched him when Charis had to work. Together they took Jordy to the zoo, the beach, and the park. I wasn't as worried about Jordy as Joe was, but I knew he was in good hands, and have left him in the past for long periods of time. But this was only the second time Joe had ever left him! When Jordan was about a year old, Joe and I left him overnight with my parents. That was it, in 30 mos, Joe has only been away for one night!!

So we were both really excited to get home and see Jordan, but Joe especially! When we did get home, Jordan was so excited to see us! It was so cute to see his little face get all excited! Plus he started calling me mommy instead of Bee!!

We were all so happy to be a whole family unit again....

Then the next day happened.

I needed to return some maternity clothes that I had bought online to Old Navy. We got to Old Navy and while I was talking with the sales people, who couldn't return my stuff b/c I didn't have the invoice, Jordan found some silly putty he wanted. Joe tried to wrestle it away from him, resulting in a horrible temper tantrum.

We got outside the store and we put him on a time out. Joe had to pee really bad so I said I would hold the bag, my purse, and two jackets, plus watch Jordy so he could go pee. Just when Joe was out of sight, Jordy made a run for it into the street.

I darted after him, as fast as a pregnant woman wearing uncomfortable maternity pants that are too big and falling down, holding a purse, a bag of unreturnable clothing, and two jackets, could dart. I did manage to catch him, grab him by the shirt and drag him to the other side of the street, all with about 3 cars witnessing the spectacle. Once on the other side, he wriggled free and made another dash for it.

This time I caught his arm, and yanked him back from certain death. Thank God we were in public, because by this point I was so mad I could have killed him on the spot!

Joe returned to Jordy howling on the side of the road, me crying, and the day shot. I insisted on being taken home.

Joe got Jordan into his car seat, and hugged me, then said, "This is what we rushed home for?"

The next two days weren't much better. Everything we planned to do, Jordan found some new level of temper tantrum to reach. Joe and I periodically look and say, "I can't believe we are doing this again!"

I certainly hope my sweet little boy returns soon....I miss him.

On a happier note, we got the ultrasound done on Monday. We were fully expecting it to be another boy after taking that IntelliGender Test. Imagine our surprise when the lady said, "Its a GIRL!"

We made her check three times, each time it was still a girl!

That night I went out and bought a little pink dress! Then after a quick look around the little girl department, realized it is quite possible I will go to the poor house buying cute pink clothes!


Nikki B. said...

i love love love NOLA!!

i tagged you on a "where will you be in 10 years game!"

Jillian Sandler said...

Congrats! Don't buy anything else because if your family is like mine, you will never have to buy a single item of clothing for her ever again! YAY for girlies!

angela said...

Congratulations!! Ahh, the temper tantrum. They are so good at those!!