Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jordan is taken over by the Exorcist

Friday night I was feeling pretty down,and just wanted to go to bed early. It had been a long week, and I was ready for it to be over. Joe and Charis were wanting to go see a movie, so I stayed home with Jordan. As soon as he was all tucked into bed, Joe and Charis left, and I nestled snuggly into my bed to watch some tv and play on the internet.

Soon after I finally fell asleep, Jordan came running into my room crying. I woke up to hear and see him projectile vomit, seriously at least three feet, of chocolate milk and bologna chunks all over my cream colored carpet. It went on and on and on! I jumped out of bed and by the time I reached him, it was still going!

Finally it stopped and I picked him up and we went into the bathroom, to prevent my carpet from any further demise. I grabbed the phone and called Joe to tell him to come home immediately, after he stopped at CVS to pick up a prescription (sometimes it is great to be a doctor!).

Poor Joe and Charis had just got their tickets, gotten all their snacks, and had just sat down in their seats when I called them! They both were so sweet and didn't complain at all, just rushed right home.

Unfortunately Joe misunderstood me and just got some pedialyte, and didn't get the prescription. So back to CVS he went, this time to the wrong one. But finally the poor guy got it all right, right CVS, right prescription. I felt so bad. We gave Jordan the nausea medication, and he intermittently would complain of a tummy ache but thankfully no more vomit!

My carpet on the other hand will never be the same. After vigorous shampooing, there is still a stain...damned chocolate milk! Too bad that wasn't the only insult my carpet sustained this weekend.

After the vomiting bonanza was over, the next joy to settle upon our house was diarrhea! I was taking a nap, because I also got some sort of plague during this, leaving Joe to man the house alone. Joe came rushing up with Jordan and declared he had explosive diarrhea. He plopped him down on the bedroom floor and started to change him. When he opened the diaper it was like he opened the portal to hell! The smell was horrific, but was even more disturbing was the sight of completely watery poop come flowing out of his diaper and all over the carpet!

Back to the carpet shampooer I went. Like the vomit stain, it will always be reminder of this horrible weekend.

For the next three days Jordan had diarrhea, nearly every 10 minutes! I swear it was terrible. We went through an entire box of diapers, a sixty count, in one day. I would have been completely panicked if he weren't bouncing off the walls between episodes.

In the middle of the night he would get out of bed and wander into the hall declaring, "Poozy!" Joe would get up and change him. I tried to alternate with him, but felt like death myself.

Today is Tuesday. Jordan seems to be better. I still feel weak and tired. Walking up the stairs took a huge effort. But the real victim is Joe, he is sicker than a dog now. Last night he was just burning up and said he felt nauseated.

This weekend we have some people coming to visit, hopefully we won't infect them!


Kameron said...

That is awful! I hope you are all feeling better! How's the pregnancy going? Are you finding out what you're having??

Katrina said...

We are having a girl! We were completely surprised b/c we took the Intelligender test and it said boy. Too bad we can't get the money back for that stupid test!