Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Four years ago, I arrived in Omaha Nebraska to start my residency. On day one I met my fellow interns, and if first impressions were correct, it would have been a long three years.

Eric Grajkowski seemed quiet and shy...but I could tell he was smart.

Travis Stephensen seemed a little OCD, taking notes on everything anyone said, asking million of questions. Honestly I nearly killed him due to excessive question asking.

After day one of residency I thought everyone was pretty tolerable...then the next day Trent Elliott arrived. He was loud, cocky, arrogant, and quite honestly I wanted to avoid him as much as possible.

Thank God first impressions aren't always right. Dr. Grajkowski has the greatest sense of humor, with a razor sharp wit. There has been many times when his humorous take on things have kept me from losing my mind. We had a great month working our asses off delivering babies. Then at the end of that month I had the greatest honor being in the OR when his son Elijah was delivered. It was an incredible thing to be at his 3rd birthday party last May.

Dr. Stephensen's OCD nature has inspired me to do my homework and be a more detail oriented person. He has one the greatest minds- always wanting to learn more... I love our philosophical talks about life.

Then there is Dr. Elliott. He annoyed me to no end, but has turned out to be one hell of a guy. He is so kind. Anytime I have needed a favor, a friend to listen to me, anything he is there... Plus has been there for my family. Watching over us and making sure we made it though some tough times. I can never thank him enough for all he has done.

Speaking of families, it has been incredible getting to know Eric's, Travis's, and Trent's families. It was always so funny to hear the wive's take on you guy's!

I didn't have brothers growing up, but now I have three. Moving to Korea was a lot less scary because I knew I would have three smiling faces to meet me there. Now that we are all parting ways, it kills me.

The four of us have travelled an incredible road together; from insecure interns, to full fledged staff doctors. We have comforted each other through the hard times, stuck our brains together for the tough cases, encouraged each other when we just couldn't do it one more day, and appreciated each others effort- no matter how ill guided it may have been.

Every great era must come to an end, and so this is our end. The Offia must part ways.

I just want each of you to know how much you are appreciated in my life, how much I will miss each one of you.