Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Korean Folk Village

Yesterday we went with some friends of ours to the Korean Folk Village.

It was one of those places that I kept wanting to go to, but never got around to it. So yesterday when Trent asked if we wanted to join his family- I jumped at the chance.

We got to dress up in traditional Korean clothes and took some pictures. Joe wasn't to thrilled, and you can see from the beginning pictures that Jordy wasn't thrilled either. Thanks to the comedy stylings of Tammy and Trent, Jordy did smile pretty for the camera!

The entire place was really interesting and I had a great time. They had all kinds of traditional Korean homes- a mansion, a farmer, peasant, etc. They had pottery displays, horse show, acrobats- what a fun place!
Some things get lost in translation!

Here is a picture of Trent's Family! Jordy is going to miss the boys so much!