Saturday, April 4, 2009

A good night at work!

The other night I had a great night at work. I actually got to do some procedures and actually did some good! After an incredibly drunken night, I got to intubate an active duty person who was puking all over the place and in danger of aspirating. To make matters worse they were combative and fighting us. I was on the fence about intubating, but since we had anesthesia right there and respirations were steadily going down, I figured we might as well. Then we wouldn't have to fight to keep them cooperative, breathing, and aspirating. Plus we got to suck all the food out of the stomach- there was puke everywhere!

Surprisingly, after not intubating anyone since the 3rd year of medical school- I got it on the first try! I was so proud! The people I work with at the ER are so nice- everyone was cheering me on, I was a celebrity for the rest of the evening!

It was a good night! I came home on top of the world and stayed up most of the day- too amped up to sleep!